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Why CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) ?

As the world races into the realm of advancements, the non-profit sector's potential is constrained by outdated systems that hinder its growth.

And as your organisation strives for growth, have you ever questioned the efficacy of your management solutions and why, at times, they seem to be dragging you down instead of ushering you forward?

Embracing enhanced digital charity solutions is key to unlocking efficiency within your organisation. Take control of your reports, engage in meaningful interactions with your constituents, align your fundraising efforts, and experience improved productivity by steering your non-profit endeavours towards the right solution.

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Reinventing Charity Solutions for a Digital Age

"Charity begins at home."

Your organisation serves as the home to nurture your missions. Grant your organisation the benefits of charity solutions as you pursue your vision of weaving a better future for all.


A Centralised Database

– Get a comprehensive view of your sponsors, donors, and members from all your devices.

– Gain better visibility and control over data allowing you to prioritise tasks accordingly and never miss an opportunity.


Relationship Management

– Communicate with constituents with ease while tracking donations and information about donors and prospects.

– Build personalised fundraising campaigns to foster loyalty for positive donor/volunteer engagement.


Volunteer Management

– Manage your volunteer profiles—their skills, status, contributions, schedules, volunteering hours.

– Utilise volunteer skills information for better placement and optimum use of resources.


Grant Management

– Simplify the grant management process.

– Save time and streamline processes to track grant application submissions, share documents, and set reminders to renew or reapply.


Event Management

– Enhance event management capabilities, including event invites, payments, bookings, etc.

– Manage event calendars and keep your constituents informed on upcoming fundraisers.


Real-Time Data and Analytics

– Identify donor trends and gain insights for informed decision-making.

– Create targeted interactions and monitor the performance of your campaigns.


Optimised Workflows

– Automate manual processes and save time.

– Ensure organisational scalability with automated processes for optimised productivity and boost timely constituent interaction to strengthen the constituent base.

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Entrust Dogma’s team of experts to guide you towards the perfect solution to bring your constituents together and focus your efforts on elevating the impact of positivity.

With Dogma’s in-depth industry knowledge and approach to putting your needs first, you can leverage our expertise in choosing the ideal bespoke solution to fulfil your organisational needs as unique as your cause.

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Extending the Functionality of Your Charity Solutions

Leverage the power of our custom apps to gain invaluable insights and forge deeper connections with your constituents even while mobile.

Outcome App

Understand, measure, and manage the effectiveness of your projects and services objectively with Outcome App. visit app

Referral App

Capture data from documents and match it with the contacts in your system, saving you time and effort with Referral app. visit app

Stakeholder Management App

Plan, manage and engage with your stakeholder to build a sustainable and delightful relationship with Stakeholder Management App. visit app

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