Scalable and cloud-based data warehousing solution

Experience limitless scale

Obtain insights from all your data across data warehouses, operational databases, data lakes and big data analytics systems. Using the language of your choice, you can query both relational and non-relational data.

Discover powerful insights

Broaden the discovery of insights from all your data by integrating with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning. Easily apply machine learning models to all your intelligent apps without any data movement.

Safeguard data with unmatched security and privacy 

Protect your data with advanced security and privacy features like automated threat detection and always-on encryption. Ensure control with column-level and row-level security, advanced encryption, and limit sensitive data exposure with dynamic data masking to automatically protect your sensitive data in real-time. 

Harness the power of unified experience  

Significantly lessen the project development time using a unified experience for developing end-to-end analytics solutions. Using the same analytics service, business analysts can securely access datasets and create dashboards in minutes using Power BI.

Limitless analytics service for all your workloads

Unified analytics platform 

Perform data integration, data exploration, data warehousing, and big data analytics. 01

Serverless and dedicated options

Support data lake and data warehouse use cases and select the most cost-effective pricing option for each workload. 02

Enterprise data warehousing

Construct your mission-critical data warehouse on the established foundation of the industry’s top-performing SQL engine. 03

Choice of language

Use your preferred language, like T-SQL,KQL, Python, Scala, Spark SQL, and .NET, wether you use serverless or dedicated resources. 04

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Success Stories

The Dogma Group has almost decades of experience across industries

"We are glad we approached Dogma. The Dogma team has been outstanding from beginning to end. They understood all our requirements and kept us updated every step of the way throughout the projects.

Thanks to Dogma, we do not have a system that perfectly suits our company. It integrated seamlessly with our document capture solution and our Office 365 suite, which has really helped our finance team. Dogma's support team has also been really quick and quite effective with the tickets we raised."

Shaun Donaldson

IT Manager

From day one, I liked how Seelogic interacted with my team. We could have chosen an inferior solution, but Seelogic ensured we took a right strategic step. The CRM we deployed is the start of a journey with Dynamic 365, and as we adopt more Office 365 tools, our benefits will only continue to improve.

Mark Grocott

Chief Digital Officer

Azure Synapse Pricing

Azure Synapse Analytics is a unified analytics platform that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics.

Azure Pricing starts from


Per user/month

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