Drive efficiency and make your spend go further with Marketing Cloud

Level up your content management

Create and deliver amazing content experiences quickly from a single platform. Easily create, publish, and update promotional emails, social media posts, banners and blog posts. Make developing and managing content across your brands convenient with content templates and visualisation.

Swift Segmentation and Intelligent Targeting

Save time and money with intelligent targeting, fast segmentation, and real-time automation. Utilise segmentation capabilities to deliver a personalised message to the right audience at the right time and on their preferred channel.  

Build 1-to-1 customer journeys across all channels

Provide a personalised cross-channel experience at every customer lifecycle stage with B2C journey management. Leverage all your customer's data from any source based on their attributes, browsing habits and purchase history to create personalised messaging. 

Meet Marketing Cloud Intelligence powered by Datorama 

Generate marketing dashboards with ease and customise reports for each stakeholder. Optimise leads, conversions, and pipeline growth across advertising, event, email, social website, and CRM. See what’s working and what’s not and use automated regression modelling and statistical analysis to evaluate and make decisions.  

Best serve your clients and meet all your ROI targets/ Meet one-to-one relationships with the customers 

Email Studio

Enhance customer relationships by communicating the right message at the right time via email campaigns. 01

Data Studio  

Link with other marketers and publishers to obtain unique customer insights and escalate revenue with data.   02

Social Studio  

Create customised social media campaigns to convert social media followers into potential customers.  03

Mobile Studio

Connect with customers on any device by personalising your mobile messaging with SMS marketing and push notifications.  04

AI Customisation

Allow users to combine data with the Einstein tool such that interactions can be addressed through AI 05

Loyalty Management

Increase customer lifetime value (CLV) with a unified data strategy created after getting important insights by performing impact analysis. 06

Extending the Functionality of your Sales CRM

Custom apps to meet the need of your business

Attendee App

Keep track of your event attendees, their activities, and responses visit app

Editorial App

Turn your website’s compelling content into newsletters visit app

Stakeholder Management

Plan, manage and engage with your stakeholder to build sustainable and delightful relationship visit app

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The Dogma Group has almost decades of experience across industries

"We are glad we approached Dogma. The Dogma team has been outstanding from beginning to end. They understood all our requirements and kept us updated every step of the way throughout the projects.

Thanks to Dogma, we do not have a system that perfectly suits our company. It integrated seamlessly with our document capture solution and our Office 365 suite, which has really helped our finance team. Dogma's support team has also been really quick and quite effective with the tickets we raised."

Shaun Donaldson

IT Manager

From day one, I liked how Seelogic interacted with my team. We could have chosen an inferior solution, but Seelogic ensured we took a right strategic step. The CRM we deployed is the start of a journey with Dynamic 365, and as we adopt more Office 365 tools, our benefits will only continue to improve.

Mark Grocott

Chief Digital Officer

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing

Salesforce offers the following pricing structure. As your trusted advisors, we can assist you in getting a cost-effective solution that meets your business needs and helps you save up on your license fees

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement  


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