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Eddie Harford


Eddie plays a key role day to day as the Senior Sponsor on many client projects, utilising his training in consultancy, technical passion and business acumen to drive tangible results for our customers.  

Eddie began as a CRM consultant and followed his entrepreneurial spirit in setting up the first Group business. He loves to drive change both in his own businesses and in transforming clients’ operations. He has broad system knowledge across multiple platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Sage, Infor, Oracle, etc.   

Eddie is training as a pilot: essential for all highflyers. Although moving around a lot in his early years, he goes back to the family route in his passionate support of Liverpool FC. In his spare time, Eddie has a love of cooking and eating. 

Philip Prince

Managing Director

Philip drives the company’s strategic vision, creates high-level plans for employee retainment and manages and advances relevant policies and processes for continuous growth. 

Philip has dedicated his 20-plus years of sales and marketing career to helping develop strong market positioning to drive revenues. He believes that constant reviewing of sales and marketing processes and increasing digital footprint for efficiency and effectiveness helps each businesses achieve its best potential in today’s fast-growing market.   

Philip is passionate about achieving excellence in all tasks of all departments of Dogma to provide the highest quality service to our clients. He has strong knowledge and experience in brand development, B2B markets.

Bibek Baidya

General Manager

Bibek has been facilitating the team in recruiting new talents, assuring a high level of customer service, implementing company policies and promoting the company to its stakeholders while ensuring the financial growth of the company. 

An excellent communicator, Bibek listens empathetically and always recognises anyone in the Dogma team for their exceptional performance.  

Bibek started his career as a business development executive and progressively moved up the organisational steps, eventually ascending to the role of customer service executive, head of support, and now General Manager of Dogma Group. He is well-versed in the Sales and Marketing modules of Salesforce and Dynamics 365. 

Baibhav Baidya

Solution Architect

Baibhav oversees the development of software, contributes to the overall design of the solution and offers strategic direction throughout the development process.

Baibhav began his career as a Web Developer. With his unwavering dedication and passion for his work, he later moved to the role of Software Developer and is currently a Solution Architect. He is experienced and competent in several programming languages, including PHP, jQuery, SQL, C++, and ASP.NET MVC. He has a broad knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. 

Baibhav always dives deep into the specifics to ensure that the technological solution meets the organisation’s needs at all levels. 

A huge supporter of Chelsea, Baibhav enjoys watching football and gaming during his spare time. He loves watching movies and going on treks during the holidays. 

Anisha Baidya

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Anisha leads a group of AI Engineers and supports them in creating intelligent and agile AI-based solutions for clients to solve their unique business needs. She reinforces the vision and strategy of the Dogma Group aligning with the mission of Dynamic AI, which is to make AI accessible to everyone by transforming information into intelligent insights.

An enthusiastic Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence researcher, she has worked with software engineers around the globe, academicians and emerging data scientists in her AI career. She loves to use her understanding of human behaviour, computational mathematics and her liberal arts background to create reliable AI solutions that can address business’ pain points.

Anisha is determined to bridge the gap between AI talents and industry needs and build a global AI Community via LinkedIn and physical meetups.

Anisha is an avid reader. Human Psychology, Mind and Machine and Child Psychology are some of her favourite topics to binge on. In addition, she is fascinated with horror movies and can watch them often. During her spare time, Anisha plays board games and goes underwater swimming.

Chris Lightely

CRM Functional Consultant

Chris collaborates with stakeholders and internal teams to analyse and design business requirements and build expert solutions focusing on the industry with his expertise. 

Chris started his career as Business Development Manager. As a leader, he excels in cross-functional collaboration and he always encourages every team member to contribute their unique strengths to achieve a common goal. Chris is both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified Consultant and has extensive knowledge of the CRM system. 

Mehmet Nuri Can

Head of Projects and BA

Mehmet is responsible for managing the project delivery team, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, BC, HR, F&O, Power Platform and Salesforce centre of excellence areas. He also has a strong consultancy background in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform. He still oversees several client projects at the solution architect level.   

He embarked on his journey as Software Developer and has worked in different roles, such as functional solution architect, functional consultant, business analyst, project manager and lead consultant. Eventually, he gained expertise in the functional aspects of CRM and strengthened his roots across various modules. He has experience in various industries, including Manufacturing, Service, Insurance, Energy, FMCG, E-Commerce, IT, Legal and Finance. In parallel, he has taken managerial responsibilities to build and improve project delivery teams. Mehmet understands the craft of organising teams to boost their performance and always ensures that he acknowledges employees’ contributions in meaningful ways.  

Mehmet is an amateur singer-songwriter who writes and sings songs in Turkish. You can listen to his songs on his YouTube channel:

Success Stories

The Dogma Group has almost two decades of experience across industries

How a bespoke, HR and Finance Integrated Payroll Fully Automated a Leading Food and Hospitality Industry’s Payroll Processes

A well-known Food and Hospitality business was looking to switch from their isolated HR, finance, and payroll software to an integrated all-in-one solution. With Dogma’s expertise in ERP, HR, and Payroll, we created an integrated payroll solution as an extension to their existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Selecting the most agile CRM & ERP solution to kick-start a leading Food Production company’s digital transformation journey

A well-known Food and Hospitality business was looking to switch from their isolated HR, finance, and payroll software to an integrated all-in-one solution. With Dogma’s expertise in ERP, HR, and Payroll, we created an integrated payroll solution as an extension to their existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Advising a Public Service & Government Agency during the Procurement of a new ERP system

A U.K. based Public Service & Government Agency sought after a team of expert advisors at Dogma Group to carry out a full discovery process of requirements, to develop a vision of new To-Be processes and offer them unbiased advice during the Procurement of a new ERP system strategy and ITT documentation.

A successful migration to a bespoke cloud-based solution

A leading UK based energy monitoring and control & instrumentation industry, Rayleigh Group sought after a team of expert advisors to migrate their data from a legacy system to a cloud- based Dynamics 365 CRM with Seelogic’s device-agnostic solution. We integrated a quoting solution with the ability to view stock levels in their ERP system and shortened the sales process by creating a device-agnostic solution for providing customer quotes whilst on client visits.

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