Author: Rajat Acharya

The October 2019 release brings lots of brand-new capabilities and enhancements in Dynamics 365 for Sales features – improved email communication, multitasking, simplified lead management, business card scanning, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.

Here are the 7 major Dynamics 365 for Sales features updates.

1.     Easily Manage and Keep Track of Leads

Sales teams won’t have to enter company or contact details manually while creating a new lead. The system will autofill fields with relevant information for existing clients, making it more convenient. Also, lead management will become a lot easier as the tool allows you to move swiftly along various stages of the sales cycle.

Simplified Lead Management

2.     Get More Details on a Won/Lost Opportunity

You can get more data on a won/lost opportunity to help strategies in the future. With the ‘Opportunity Close’ dialogue box in Dynamics 365 for Sales, you will get details on why the opportunity was lost or won.

3.     Compose Multiple Emails from the Same Screen

Composing emails will be much easier with contextual email communication after this update. You will no longer have to navigate away from the screen while composing emails, significantly saving time. It also allows you to view all the relevant content in one place. Multitasking will genuinely come to life in this new update.

4.     LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Send InMails Directly to Customers

You can now engage with your customers by composing and sending LinkedIn InMail directly from Dynamics for Sales. You can easily drag and drop to select who receives the mail. Dynamics 365 for Sales will become a one-stop solution for sending InMails and viewing profiles of relevant receivers.

5.     Scan and Save Business Cards Instead of Stacking Them

You can now scan all your business cards via the scanner, and automatically fill in relevant information in the system.

Business Card Scanning

6.     Make Quick Customer Calls Directly with Softphone Dialler

This new feature allows you to integrate your softphone dialler from your phone provider with Dynamics 365 for Sales to quickly call contacts. Without switching screens, you can quickly call customers.

Softphone Dialer

7.     Simplified Adding and Editing Products in an Opportunity

Save time creating multiple products line items using Create and Add capability. You can add new products to an Opportunity, Quote, Order, and Invoice with or without a price list. This also lets you view product properties while still editing them in the Opportunity.

Add and Create New Products

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