Achieve standardised workflows in your operations 

Gain a clarity of your business process

Identify the areas for improvement 

Easily implement modifications in the work

Address compliance challenges efficiently 

How Dogma Maps Your Business Processes?

We employ a meticulous and comprehensive approach to map your business processes, ensuring a thorough understanding of your operations and enabling effective optimisation. Here is an overview of our approach:


Discovery Phase

Initially, we will pinpoint the start and end points of the process and any inputs, outputs, or limitations that require consideration. 


Perform Workshops

In the next step, we will observe the process, conduct interviews with employees involved, and scrutinise relevant documents or data. 


Map Business Process

After identifying future state business processes and gaps in functionality, our experts will use process mapping tools such as flow charts to visually represent your process to understand your as-is and to-be process.  


Conduct Fit-Gap Analysis

Based on the findings from the analysis, we will make changes to the process and recommend a solution that best meets the requirements.  


Monitor and Measure 

Ultimately, we'll assess the effectiveness of change and ensure that the new process is working as planned.


Benefits of Our Business Process Mapping

Unlock your organisation’s full potential through strategic business process mapping

Obtain Standardise process

Lay down a centralised reference for your team to help them understand the process parameters and benchmarks and continuously meet product and service quality standards for a consistent output with a predictable use of resources.

Promote transparency and visibility

Allow businesses to ensure transparency by improving end-to-end visibility into the entire business process. You can adjust your existing processes by gathering collective feedback through participative process mapping, which can help build trust with stakeholders, employees, and customers.

Identify problem areas in your process

Recognise areas for improvement when you revisit the process or undertake a similar task by understanding the variance between your process map and actual actions and identify the source of the issues so that you can take corrective action.

Ensure compliance and governance

Since organisations are subject to complex regulations that govern everything from human resources and taxes to environmental and consumer standards, BPM will assist you in complying with regulations by identifying risks and improving auditability and governance of processes.

Enable continuous process development

With a clear map of As-Is processes, decision-makers can often find process gaps and areas for future improvement. Considering the existing processes as the baseline, you can change process components like cost, total staff-hours, skills, waiting time and quality standards to design more efficient and cost-effective To-Be processes.

Our Success Stories


We are glad we approached Dogma. The Dogma team has been outstanding from beginning to end. They understood all our requirements and also kept us updated every step of the way throughout the project.

Thanks to Dogma, we now have a system that perfectly suits our company. It integrates seamlessly with our document capture solution and our Office 365 suite, which has really helped our finance team. Dogma’s support team has also been really quick and quite effective with the tickets we raised.

Shaun Donaldson

IT Manager

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Right from day one I liked the way in which Dogma interacted with my team. Eddie and his team were proactive, they listened but then they challenged us too. We could have had an inferior solution, or the right solution and Dogma helped to ensure that we were taking appropriate strategic steps forward. The CRM which we have deployed is the start of a journey with Dynamics 365 and I’m sure as we adopt the wider tools available within Office 365 that our benefits will only continue to improve..

Mark Grocott

Chief Digital Officer

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Implementing a CRM was a key component of our Customer Service centralisation project. It facilitated the seamless transfer to common processes and a unified way of working. At the same time ensuring a high level of Customer satisfaction was maintained. Dogma were the ideal implementation partner for us; knowledgeable, responsive and agile. As our Service Centre and systems have matured, Dogma have played an important part in supporting us on that journey.

Neil Trigg

Newell Brands EMEA – IT Director

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We’ve had a terrific experience with Dogma and their Managed Services team on our most recent data origination project. Specifically, we’ve found the frequency of updates, diligence in carrying out tasks & the flexibility of the team to be particularly impressive!

Tim Murray

Vice President Product Development & Strategy

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Dogma really understood our internal challenges and objectives and were able to translate them into technical requirements to then provide us with an unbiased comparison of the various systems that could meet our needs. We enjoyed working with their friendly team.

Corrine Leloup

Senior CRM Manager

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