Keep your system up-to date  

Reduce systems costs  

Enhance security and prevent data loss 

Minimise system crashes  

Optimise license fees

How We Help You Fine-Tune Your System  

We understand the importance of optimising and fine-tuning your system to achieve optimal performance. Here's how we help:


System Assessment  

In this initial stage, the system’s overall functionality and performance will be assessed. We will obtain data on the system’s architecture design, software and usage patterns and analyse it to find potential problems or areas for improvement.  


Usage Statistics

The next stage is to determine the system requirements based on the results of the system assessment. Here, our experts will figure out what modifications are required to enhance the functionality, dependability and security of the system.  


Implement Changes  

Now we move into new step, which is to update the system after the needs have been established. To optimise the performance of the system, this requires process enhancements and other modifications.  



After the changes have been implemented, the results of the system health check are reported. Our detailed health check report provides best-practice guidance and recommendations on how the system can be improved and highlights any newly released system functionality that could better serve your business processes. 


Benefits of Our System Health Check

Optimise your system performance for improved productivity 

Optimise your system with proper guidance

Identify potential problems and resolve them before they become major issues that could lead to system failure or downtime. We will help you recognise areas of inefficiency or underperformance allowing for optimisation and improved system performance.

Have visibility of both current and future issues

Get greater visibility into your system’s issues to detect anomalies that cause performance issues, security breaches or downtime. Minimise risks and maximise system uptime, ensuring the system is healthy, reliable, and resilient to support your business objectives and operations.

Increase your business ROI

Identify areas where the business may be overspending on technology resources, such as redundant hardware or software licenses. Save money on unnecessary expenses and allocate those resources towards more profitable areas of the business.

Reduce the risk of security breaches

Implement the necessary security measures to protect against cyber threats by identifying potential security vulnerabilities such as outdated software or weak passwords. Our experts can help you enhance security, preventing costly data breaches and protecting the business's reputation.

Our Success Stories


We are glad we approached Dogma. The Dogma team has been outstanding from beginning to end. They understood all our requirements and also kept us updated every step of the way throughout the project.

Thanks to Dogma, we now have a system that perfectly suits our company. It integrates seamlessly with our document capture solution and our Office 365 suite, which has really helped our finance team. Dogma’s support team has also been really quick and quite effective with the tickets we raised.

Shaun Donaldson

IT Manager

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Right from day one I liked the way in which Dogma interacted with my team. Eddie and his team were proactive, they listened but then they challenged us too. We could have had an inferior solution, or the right solution and Dogma helped to ensure that we were taking appropriate strategic steps forward. The CRM which we have deployed is the start of a journey with Dynamics 365 and I’m sure as we adopt the wider tools available within Office 365 that our benefits will only continue to improve..

Mark Grocott

Chief Digital Officer

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Implementing a CRM was a key component of our Customer Service centralisation project. It facilitated the seamless transfer to common processes and a unified way of working. At the same time ensuring a high level of Customer satisfaction was maintained. Dogma were the ideal implementation partner for us; knowledgeable, responsive and agile. As our Service Centre and systems have matured, Dogma have played an important part in supporting us on that journey.

Neil Trigg

Newell Brands EMEA – IT Director

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We’ve had a terrific experience with Dogma and their Managed Services team on our most recent data origination project. Specifically, we’ve found the frequency of updates, diligence in carrying out tasks & the flexibility of the team to be particularly impressive!

Tim Murray

Vice President Product Development & Strategy

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Dogma really understood our internal challenges and objectives and were able to translate them into technical requirements to then provide us with an unbiased comparison of the various systems that could meet our needs. We enjoyed working with their friendly team.

Corrine Leloup

Senior CRM Manager

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