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What is Digital Transformation for Sales?

Streamlining sales processes by standardising and automating tasks with technology will empower your sales team to sell more and reduce costs. 

Are you struggling with accurately predicting revenue forecasts?

Gain visibility across the entire sales cycle

Analyse individual and collective pipelines for accurate forecasting through automated insights and artificial intelligence.

An article by Harvard Business Review shared that real-time performance data improved sales team win rates by up to 15%.

Automate forecasting for your sales performances

Anticipate revenue fluctuations and emphasise focus areas from top to bottom of the funnel with easy-to-use dashboards and KPI tracking.

Can you predict your next deal?

Generate customer insights

Easily segment customers and prioritise based on how likely they are to convert. AI helps you predict and prioritise, ultimately saving time for your sales team.

A study by McKinsey & Company stated that companies that encourage personalised interactions with customers saw a lift in sales by 5-15%.

Connect through hybrid selling

Connect your sales team with customers through their preferred communication channels and keep them engaged with a steady flow of personalised content.

Is building connections with potential customers proving a challenge when remote working?

Be productive from anywhere

Stay connected even when on the go with a native mobile app, to improve remote work productivity and earn more deals.

Research by Accenture in the U.S. showed how inadequate customer service caused businesses to lose more than $62 billion per year.

Reduce customer turnover

Extend your sales visions and encourage collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer service to customer experience and yield better sales results.

AI algorithms can analyse historical sales data and identify patterns to give you accurate readings crucial for predicting future sales.

Replace intuition with insights powered by AI

Simplify the sales cycle using best suggested actions, thus allowing you to focus on priority tasks with the best propensity to close.

Notifications are necessary, but do I need to be reminded of everything?

Get notified about deal risks

Receive alerts about pending deals or those at risk to boost closure rates. Select a preferred communication channel and sort your task priorities to avoid being spammed with trivial alerts.

Are generic tasks diverting your sales’ energy away from priorities?

Save time on manual tasks

Automate irregular workflows that create confusion to ensure smooth operation of core functions.

How long does it take for you to send quotes and proposals?

Improve sales productivity

Streamline your sales process with guided configurations, built-in pricing approvals, and simple quote generation.

Are your sales teams organised enough to ensure any important customer data hasn’t slipped through your fingers?

Stimulate growth in any channel

Keep records of customer-engagement history, including emails, calls, meetings, promptly enabling sales teams to pick up right where they left off.

Harvard Business Review shared that even a five per cent increase in upsell and cross-sell resulted in increased revenue generation from 25-95%.

Cross-sell/upsell with ease

Constantly monitor what factors influence customers’ buying behaviour to guide them towards products that serve their requirements.

How We Work

Our process is cyclical to provide best-fit solutions through business mapping, strategic implementation,
change management and support.

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Provide consultancy for best-fit sustainable solutions.


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Our Success Stories


We are glad we approached Dogma. The Dogma team has been outstanding from beginning to end. They understood all our requirements and also kept us updated every step of the way throughout the project.

Thanks to Dogma, we now have a system that perfectly suits our company. It integrates seamlessly with our document capture solution and our Office 365 suite, which has really helped our finance team. Dogma’s support team has also been really quick and quite effective with the tickets we raised.

Shaun Donaldson

IT Manager

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Right from day one I liked the way in which Dogma interacted with my team. Eddie and his team were proactive, they listened but then they challenged us too. We could have had an inferior solution, or the right solution and Dogma helped to ensure that we were taking appropriate strategic steps forward. The CRM which we have deployed is the start of a journey with Dynamics 365 and I’m sure as we adopt the wider tools available within Office 365 that our benefits will only continue to improve..

Mark Grocott

Chief Digital Officer

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Implementing a CRM was a key component of our Customer Service centralisation project. It facilitated the seamless transfer to common processes and a unified way of working. At the same time ensuring a high level of Customer satisfaction was maintained. Dogma were the ideal implementation partner for us; knowledgeable, responsive and agile. As our Service Centre and systems have matured, Dogma have played an important part in supporting us on that journey.

Neil Trigg

Newell Brands EMEA – IT Director

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We’ve had a terrific experience with Dogma and their Managed Services team on our most recent data origination project. Specifically, we’ve found the frequency of updates, diligence in carrying out tasks & the flexibility of the team to be particularly impressive!

Tim Murray

Vice President Product Development & Strategy

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Dogma really understood our internal challenges and objectives and were able to translate them into technical requirements to then provide us with an unbiased comparison of the various systems that could meet our needs. We enjoyed working with their friendly team.

Corrine Leloup

Senior CRM Manager

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