Microsoft continues to listen to its users in the Business Central Wave 2 release. For small and medium businesses, Dynamics 365 now improves user experiences and empowers effective collaboration. In the financial area, bank reconciliation process is further improved. Business Central can now allow business-specific customisation with Power Apps and Power Automate’s use of rich external data and OneDrive’s additional control features.

We list down these features and more productive updates in the latest release (Business Central 2022 Wave 2).

1. More efficient and successful bank reconciliation for cheques

Bank reconciliation is crucial to ensure your books are up to date and provide an accurate picture of the business’s cash flows. Microsoft is continuing to improve the reconciliation process’s efficiency with the Business Central Wave 2 release.

The latest update provides better matching rules to compare cheque entries from the bank and the cheque ledger. This will improve bank reconciliation speed while adding new, clearer rules will increase the matching success rate.

Public preview: Sep 2022

2. Recover from mistakes by reversing payment reconciliation journal entries

Business Central is now making it easier to recover books from possible mistakes. A new feature allows using different number series to register and apply customer payments in the Payment Reconciliation Journal. The distinct number series makes it easier to identify the source of the journal entries.

The feature also allows you to reverse any Payment Reconciliation journal entries from the G/L Register page. For instance, you can reverse payments to the wrong customers by manually unapplying the entries first. Similarly, to minimise double-posting, if you use an automatic application, Business Central can identify bank ledger entries that have already been posted.

Public preview: Sep 2022

3. Use different G/L accounts for payables, receivables

In certain situations, businesses may want to post payable and receivable transactions to different G/L accounts than the specific customer or vendor posting group, such as in cases where transactions are for bad debt.

These non-standard transactions can be allowed through policies by the controllers and changed during posting by the accountants. Once you allow alteration of posting groups, you can use substitutes to replace default posting groups. To balance G/L accounts, Business Central then transfers the posting amounts between the different accounts.

Public Preview: Sep 2022

4. Avoid data loss and restore deleted environments

Mistakes happen in hectic day-to-day operations of a business. However, correcting such mistakes should be an easy and reliable process. Dynamics 365 Business Central is now aiming to reduce the risk of data loss by allowing an ability to essentially “undo” deletion of environments.

When environments are accidentally deleted, or perhaps, when prospects want their data after expiry of a trail, admins can now quickly restore the data. The new release, instead of permanently and irrecoverably deleting environments, puts them into a soft-deleted state. Admins can then recover the data without the assistance from Microsoft Support.

General availability: Nov 2022

5. Access rich data sources with new supports for document attachments

For businesses, data comes in all forms and mediums. D365 Business Central now opens up new possibilities with the use of several rich data sources. The new wave will allow users easy access to document attachments, record media and other data linked to business records. Power Automate or Power Apps will support attachments of rich external data into Business Central.

For instance, service workers may be able to upload photos of the inventory to Business Central. Similarly, an automated flow might use attachments received in emails to create sales orders by processing and linking them to order entries.

Public preview: Sep 2022

6. Configure OneDrive integration as per your needs

Admins can now manage OneDrive related features for Business Central. Business Central update will allow admins to selectively enable OneDrive features for specific team members according to their needs.

Users will then be able to collaborate on files, especially documents, through their own web browsers. The OneDrive Setup Guide will also detect legacy OneDrive or SharePoint integration setups and help transition users to newer integrations.

Public preview: Sep 2022

Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 Release-Manage one drive related features

7.Create Excel sheets for existing reports with new datasets

Building on Business Central’s earlier Excel capabilities, now you can easily create Excel sheets with several layouts for selected data. Earlier, Excel sheets could not be extracted from existing reports.

The new wave release provides dedicated report datasets for: 1) general ledger data, including budgets and global dimensions, 2) customer and vendor ledger entries.

Public preview: Sep 2022


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