Updates To Dynamics 365 – LinkedIn Sales Navigator

June 28, 2017

What’s coming with Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Dynamics 365 for Sales is the ultimate solution for sales teams.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will help turn relationships into revenue. This sales management solution has been specially designed to give sales professionals and sales teams the edge, to win new business and close deals quickly.

Last year, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26bn and expectations were high for how the leading professional network platform would be integrated into Microsoft’s offering. With the Summer ‘17 updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Microsoft has introduced LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This exciting new feature ensures sales professionals can stay on top of their customers in addition to finding new customers via team contacts. Dynamics 365 also allows Sales App users to view company LinkedIn accounts and customer profiles within the application to keep up with the latest lead and account updates. This is a major step forward in functionality and enables organisations to further enrich their data.

Updates now include;

• Mentions on newsfeeds

• Shares of company posts

• Job changes from your followers

• Recent activities

Discover new leads with Lead recommendations within LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Within LinkedIn Sales Navigator you are provided with recommended leads, to help you find the right prospects in your targeted accounts. With over 500 million members on LinkedIn, this feature can prove very useful for discovering key decision makers in target businesses.

TeamLink – Manage team connections through LinkedIn Sales Navigator

TeamLink helps connect you with prospects you’d like to meet by showing you the best and most efficient routes to an introduction. Those routes can be through your direct connections and through people in your team, even if you aren’t directly connected. That means TeamLink harnesses the power of your entire team’s network, your network will also grow automatically when your team does.

When you view a profile, TeamLink identifies and shows you the people within your team you can ask for an introduction. You can then click the ‘See Who’ link in the TeamLink panel from a member’s profile where you have at least one connection.

Sync your data using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With this update, you can import your Dynamics 365 accounts into LinkedIn Sales Navigator, this means you can log sales navigator activity straight back into Dynamics. Using this feature, you can manage your relationships at scale, increase your sales pipeline, keep all your data in sync and engage clients with relevant contact throughout their account lifecycle.

Activities which can be synced into LinkedIn Sales Navigator include:

• InMail and Messages

• Opportunity and account notes

• Mobile phone calls

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