Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – July updates

June 28, 2017

Dynamics 365 for Operations is a revolutionary business application which fully integrates CRM and ERP to provide enhanced functionality for large businesses and enterprises. Dynamics 365 for Operations will increase your speed of doing business. Designed for large global industries such as; Manufacturing, Retail, Finance and IT, Dynamics 365 for Operations delivers smart capabilities and scalability.

Dynamics 365 for Operations is comprised of the following components:

· Retail

· Supply Chain Management / Distribution / Manufacturing

· Industry

· Talent (HR/HCM)

· Financials

Following the launch of Dynamics 365 back in November 2016, Operations has seen a host of updates and benefits being rolled out. In the July 2017 update, the two most significant to note are the new purpose-built Retail and Talent components. Organisations are now able to opt-in to these modules independently of the other Dynamics 365 for components, making the solution more appealing for small to medium-sized organisations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – July 2017 New Talent & Retail Apps

Enterprise Edition, Talent

Talent is a new point solution built on core HR capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Operations enabling organizations to strategically attract, empower and optimize your workforce to achieve high-impact, sustainable business results by:

• Finding and hiring the most qualified people for your organization.

• Keeping your people engaged, growing, and working for you.

Features of this component include;

• Configurable HR process and workflows

• Personalized, role-based talent experience

• Improved hiring process to shorten time-to-fill roles and reduce cost-to-hire

• Engaging on boarding experience for new hires

• Deep integration with LinkedIn Talent Solutions[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Enterprise Edition, Retail

Dynamics 365 for Retail helps retailers get ahead in today’s competitive environment with tools that invigorate their retail operations, facilitate a connected employee experience, and delight customers with exceptional shopping experiences, resulting in positive business impact and growth. Key benefits include;

• Increased same store sales through cross sell and up sell with intelligent recommendation engine

• Ability to engage your customers by surfacing in app notifications like promotions based on beacon technology

• Ability to empower your employees to streamline work and learn the customer

• Optimised strategy and cost analysis

Key features of Enterprise Edition, Retail:

• Unified commerce across all channels – Social, Online, Physical stores, Mobile and Call centre

• Modern cloud-ready POS

• Workforce management

• Promotion and Product management

• Buy online and collect in store functionality

• Centralised channel management

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