Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource: Latest Updates from Release 2022

March 22, 2022

For the 2022 first release, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources has focused on these areas:

  • Benefits management
  • Employee development
  • Migration to Finance and Operations infrastructure
  • Integrations and extensibility
  • Organisation and Personal Management

Here’s a summary of all the updates from your trusted advisors:  

1. Achieve centralised visibility and control with infrastructure integration between D365 HR and D365 Finance and Operation

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a standalone application that runs on separate architecture than Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. However, the module will now integrate into the same infrastructure as other Finance and Operations apps with the merger.

With the merged infrastructure, you can achieve centralised visibility control and reduce the overall cost. With this feature, you can get the capabilities in different areas, including leave and absence management, benefits management and task management.  

dynamics 365 hr 2022 release update

Note: The migration for each organisation will depend on its current configuration. For example: if your organisation uses Dynamics 365 Human Resources but doesn’t use any other Finance and Operations apps, your human resources will migrate to the new infrastructure.

2. Create a positive Employee Experience with Improved Business Automation   

With increasing employee turnover in today’s scenario, a positive employee experience is necessary to retain employees.   

With the latest release, you can accomplish the objective of providing a comprehensive employee experience to your employees. You can achieve this through Improved business automation for active employees, employees joining, and employees leaving.  

With this new enhancement, HR professionals can provide a comfortable experience to the employees, save time, and achieve accuracy in employee data.   

The feature will equip HR professionals to tailor experiences and automatically complete processes.

Focus areas of this feature are:  

  • Automatic assignment of onboarding and offboarding guides based on role   
  • End terms of employment upon employee exit   
  • Auto-approval for information such as skills and certification entered by HR   

3. Enhance your employees’ learning experience through Simplified Integration with learning management system providers  

Having opportunities to learn and grow while working is extremely important for Gen Zs in deciding whether to apply for a job. Though good companies have a strong learning culture, with the growing globalisation of workforces, assigning, delivering and tracking employee training is becoming more of a challenge for companies than ever before.  

The new update in the Dynamics 365 HR release will make the settings better for you! The new feature makes it easy to build integration with learning management system partners. In addition, this new update will fill a gap in functionality by creating a centralised place to view training data next to all other employee data. With the new feature, the manager can check the employee list and back-to-back assign training courses to their employees using a wide range of partner learning management systems.   

4. Reduce repetitive processes with redesigned bulk actions inquiry in Benefits Management Administration   

Until now, benefits administrators need to go to the workers’ benefit update page on an employee-by-employee basis to confirm the selections made by employees from the employee self-service in the Dynamics 365 Human Resource. However, things are more efficient with the new update. The new feature has bulk editing capabilities in the Benefits management administration. This will reduce time-consuming and repetitive processes and save HR professionals’ time for more strategic tasks.    

The benefit administrators will be able to:   

  1. Quickly select and confirm employee benefits enrollment.   
  2. Make bulk selection of various data pivots based on different plan types.   
  3. Look at flex credit allocations for applicable plans. Quickly identify the lists which need updates. 

5. Allocate right roles and upgrade employee skills with Intelligent Talent Management   

 Choosing the right professionals is a crucial factor in determining a company’s success. And Businesses must understand what skills will be required to fulfil future needs to thrive in the ever-changing market.   

With the new feature Dynamics 365 Human Resource, Talent management will become easier. The functionality ensures that the right people are in the right job and helps upgrade employees’ skills.   

The features are:   

  • Recruiting: Match job postings to employees based on skills, certifications, and experience.
  • Coaching and mentoring based on skill insights.
  • Learning: Provide recommendations for learning content and automatically add to goals and course assignments.
  • Recruiting: Automatically add skills to recruiting requisitions based on job requirements.

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