July update for Dynamics 365: Round up from SeeLogic

July sees the release of Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 and with it, a host of great new functionality. With such a comprehensive system, there are many updates you may not be aware of, in this article we bring you our round -up of top highlights to look out for.  If you are not currently using Dynamics 365 and are interested in finding out more, please contact us to arrange a demonstration or trial.

July release highlights:

Unified client

There is now a unified client experience between the mobile website and Mobile App. So, it’s now the same experience across all platforms and even when you are using mobile off-line. This will provide users with a seamless experience, no matter which device or entry point.

Enhanced User Interface

Following feedback from users, Microsoft has enhanced the appearance User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX). Users of previous versions commented that there was too much white space, there was no ability to wrap long text labels, header text was often cut and there was a non-intuitive input control. In terms of experience, users felt there was a missing visual hierarchy, inconsistent columns and inconstant fonts. Microsoft took heed of these comments and for July has greatly improved UI and UX.

The latest version for July features:

No confusing whitespace

Borders around containers and uniform spacing

Proper visual hierarchy

Empty states

Intuitive input fields styling

Intuitive styling of tabs

Theming capabilities

Screenshot of new Dynamics 365 UI

Activity Timeline – New Feature!

Activity Timeline combines activities such as custom activities, posts and notes into a single view. It replaces the Social Pane wall on Interactive Service Hub (ISH). The new Activity Timeline enables users to change the sorting order of activities, it allows users to hide specific notes or posts from a feed and enables users to customise the phone call task form.

Examples of legacy and new activity timeline feature

Customer Service Hub

The Customer Service Hub replaces the Interactive Service Hub. This replacement is Grade-C compliant for accessibility and features design and publish as a role-based app for UI. The configuration enables access to Customer Service web client and UI apps. As well as ensuring Service management & Admin experiences are supported in web client.

The benefits of the replacement from ISH include:

Functional parity with ISH

Re-imagined controls

New interaction patterns

Compatible across device form factors

No wait time for metadata download

Near-seamless upgrade from ISH, with very few manual tasks post-upgrade

Customer Insights with LinkedIn

After the landmark purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft last year, we are now seeing the benefits of this exciting partnership. Sales Navigator embeds contextual widgets in Dynamics 365. This enables social selling with context from Dynamics 365.

Developments include:

Synching Dynamics 365 data as leads in Sales Navigator with Admin sync functionality

Receive Insights in Sales Navigator based on Dynamics 365 leads

Through these functions you can achieve integrated engagement:

LinkedIn activities in Dynamics 365 to provide holistic engagement history

Content engagement with Pointdrive enabled with Sales Navigator

To read more on this exciting and innovative release, please read the full article here

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook – Enhancements to Pinning

This enhanced feature for July will improve user experience for Pinning. One click set has improved Performance MRU & Pinned Records Appoints. Contacts feature is improved with the ability to track and view Dynamics 365 information. Dynamics 365 information can now be shown for multiple recipients with all its details. This all due thanks to enhanced recipient resolution.

MultiSelect Option Sets 

You will now be able to configure and create Multiselect Option Set in an attribute or field. Microsoft is currently working to make MultiSelect Option Sets work on editable grids available for July release. There will no longer be any restrictions on the amount of values that can put in the Option Set however, there will be a restriction on the total number of selection values.

Screen shot of new MultiSelect Option Set


Integration between each of the solutions continues to evolve. The progression with this release includes enhanced:

Data synchronisation

Process Synchronisation

Rich query and filtering via Power Query

More apps built directly on top of CDS


An audit trial of changes to documents is hugely important when you have multiple users accessing and editing your business documentation. As well as managing version control to avoid errors and keep a record of version history, it is becoming more and more crucial to be able to provide consumers with details of how their records are being maintained and processed. This is particularly pertinent with arrival of GDPR in May 2018.

Audit logging within Dynamics 365 is being enhanced for July in the following ways:

It will be available in near real-time

It will reside in Big Data platforms as well as Dynamics 365

It will include admin operations

It will provide audit log for all data not just entry specific items

It will have OOB integration with SIEM

It will have seamless integration with Office 365

Screenshot of enhancements to Audit Log

Customer Insights –  July refresh

July will see enhancements to Customer Insights functionality with development of Customer 360. This will provide a detailed usage drill-down to showcase how users engage with the system or how customers interact with the solution.

Customer 360 enhancements will provide:

Active users by device OS, Client, security role, business units

Ability to monitor entities uses per Active Users

View active users by workload

Screenshot of new Customer Insights usage drill-drown function

Customer Insights July refresh will enhance the data inflow from Dynamics 365, Azure Storage, Exchange Online and Microsoft Social Engagements and the Insights Outflow to Azure Storage, Power BI and Segment export. This functionality will mean combining data sets for a complete 360 view of the customer and the customer journey is achievable and actionable.

A breakdown of enhancements includes:

Customer 360 Enhancements

including Relationships, Relationship KPIs and Session Interactions

Predictive Match

Match activities or profiles with customers using contextual info and inferred links and relationships between your data

Predictive Scoring

Predict and business outcome with advanced ML & AI. Plan efficient follow-ups with grading


Identify the right audience for your customers. Utilise the complete customer journey to create segments and cohorts

End of Life features

As part pf the continual development process, Microsoft has identified features that are becoming irrelevant and are therefore, being phased out.  Here is a list of deprecation happening in July:

Outlook client (includes Outlook offline, Outlook sync)

List component

Mail Merge Word add-in

Do you have ideas or feedback?

Microsoft aims to help every organisation achieve digital transformation. Part of this mission includes transforming their own solutions based on user feedback. As with the case of Activity Timeline, user feedback is often made a reality. If you’d like to feed into the development of Dynamics 365, visit https://crmideas.dynamics.com and have your say.

Still want to know more?

SeeLogic is delighted to provide you with a demonstration of Dynamics 365 or a free trial to showcase how this innovative solution can transform your business.  Please contact us on 01296 328 689 or info@seelogic.co.uk

All images and screenshots reproduced from Microsoft presentation by Greg Olsen “July Updates”


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