D365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Author: Rajat Acharya

Microsoft has launched a new AI-driven virtual agent solution for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which is designed to improve customer service quality through quick deployment of virtual agents.

This solution allows you to create bots using a guided, codeless graphical UI and embed them to a website in a few simple steps without the need of AI engineers or data scientists.

The Virtual Agent which works 24/7 – can handle your routine customer queries to deliver a faster customer experience. It allows your customer service agents to focus on more complex requests, and when the bot can’t handle a case, it transfers the conversation back to your customer service agents.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service Block Diagram

We have compiled a list of announced features for its Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

1. Stay on top of your customer service

With AI-driven insights, you can analyse customer service performances across multiple channels. This identifies regular and emerging topics. You can easily equip your virtual agents with the ability to solve these problems on their own. The Virtual Agent Dashboard gives you an overview of the important metrics affecting your customer service performance.

Get a 360 degree view of your customer service
Get a 360-degree view of your customer service

2. Keep track of your agents’ performances 24/7

You can get more timely and deeper insights into the performances of your virtual and human agents. For example- it lets you identify the human agents with low CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) levels or low case resolved rates. You can then target training and support to help agents improve performances. This process empowers the team, effectively increasing the value everyone brings to the table.

3. Your own virtual agent without any coding- it’s possible!

Creating chatbots is straight-forward using a graphical interface that doesn’t require expensive coding. SeeLogic can then help develop your own staff to update and evolve the Virtual agent as needs change. Its natural learning capabilities allow it to learn problem solving skills and address most common issues.

4. Impress customers with natural, personalised conversations

Virtual Agent is stacked with natural language capabilities. When a customer types a query, the virtual agent will respond with relevant support. What’s impressive is that the customer doesn’t need to enter the exact match to trigger a solution. The virtual agent can instantly match the semantics to offer a personalised and thoughtful response.

Virtual Agent interacts with customers in natural language
Virtual Agent has natural language capabilities

For example: a user may type in “internet not working” and the bot will instantly come up with a response like this- “I see that your router is not configured properly. Would you like me to guide you through the configuration?”. Quite exquisite, isn’t it?

Lots of exciting features were announced at the Dynamics 365 2019 Wave 2 Release. As consultants, we work on making technology easier and relevant for you. Go through SeeLogic’s best picks from the features announced in the release plan.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out how you can take advantage of this new solution, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on 01296 328 689. Or email us at info@seelogic.co.uk.


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