Whats New in Salesforce Summer 2022 Release

It’s time for another round of Salesforce upgrades with a bunch of new features and revisions that all customers can benefit from immediately.

In the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Notes, there are a lot of new features and revisions in different areas which help you save time, work smarter, improve data accuracy, enhance customer experience, stay up to date, increase your brand awareness and work on the go with mobile CRM updates.

Here’s an overview of the top key features: 

1. Improve data accuracy and CX with Custom Address Field (Beta)

Custom Address Field (Beta) improves address data accuracy and enhances users’ experience.

One of the most-requested user features!

In Custom Address Field, users have two options for entering addresses: either manually or through a Google lookup, preventing users from entering inaccurate information like postal or zip code, state names or street names.

But before proceeding, be sure to configure the state and country/territorial picklists since these give a convenient way of assuring clean data at the point of entry.
The beta status of the feature indicates that it is currently under development and not yet finished, supported, or completely functional. 

2. All ears to customers with salesforce feedback management  

With this release, Salesforce makes it easier to listen to your customers and get their feedback. This season, Salesforce Feedback Management received a much-needed improvement making it easier for admins than ever to develop, manage, and optimise the Survey process.

One of the enhancements allows you to create shorter surveys by grouping related questions and including one or more selection questions in a single matrix question (close-ended questions with the same set of column choices) quickly.

A shorter and more organised survey process lets the participants evaluate choices easily and complete surveys faster.

survey-faster-salesforce summer 2022 release

Another improved feature lets the customer get the right message at the right time, increasing the chance of a conversion. It is the customised thank you page, where you can write multiple custom messages in the survey builder and define which message participants can view based on their responses.


A company’s logo in a survey highlights your brand identity, promotes brand awareness, increases survey responses, and improves completion rates. The good news: a feature now allows you to add your logo to surveys, raising brand recognition.

company-logo-salesforce summer 2022 release

Visibility of customers’ positive experiences on social media is another critical activity to enhance brand awareness. A significant improvement in Salesforce Feedback Management now can link to your company website, social media profiles, or other web pages on the Thank You page to keep customers interested in post-surveys.

3. Handle task efficiently with enhanced Reports and Dashboards features

Reports and Dashboards have been going through a lot of enhancements over the years. This time too Salesforce has some interesting updates that will help you save time, stay up to date and empower yourself with powerful search experience.

The improved type selector in Report and Dashboards will help you seamlessly view the included fields and objects to quickly identify the report kinds and build a proper report. You can keep the number of available report types manageable and know which record types are standard or bespoke by hiding the record types that you don’t need.

Likewise, you can change status and clear up data without rerunning your reports. On the report run page, you can edit numerous records inline, update multiple rows or columns, and save all your changes with a single click. This significantly reduces time and improves feature consistency across list views and reports. 

Want to quickly and easily get the needed object in the list of report types? You can now restrict the list of report types in the Create Report window to just display those report types that are based on the Salesforce objects you have chosen.


Apart from all these improvements, get ready to benefit from a powerful search experience and better organisation giving you a cohesive and seamless experience and more with ‘Analytics Home’, a new home for your Lightening reports and dashboards. Besides, ‘Analytics Home’ is a separate place where all your Salesforce analytics content is organised.


4. Enhance Customer Experience with Subscription Management

The enhancement in Subscription Management enables your subscription lifecycle independently of the selling channel, ensuring that customers enjoy their shopping and payment experiences with you.

You can create and categorise product catalogues, manage pricing, generate invoices, process payments, issue credit memos, and track customer purchases over time, evaluate the risk of late payment, collect payments, invoice customers and manage customers with Subscription Management.

Moreover, the Buy Now flow template retrieves current products and prices, generates an order, an asset, and an invoice for a subscription, and applies for the initial payment.

All in all, Subscription Management ensures that your customers have fantastic experiences during their subscription.

Some benefits: 

  1. Manage fixed-term and evergreen subscriptions and one-time sales.  
  2. Calculate prices and price adjustments 
  3. Make it easy for customers to place an order from your website or other channels of your choice. 
  4. Manage cancellations and renewals for customers’ subscriptions. 
  5. Automate Tax, Billing, and Payments 
  6. Score Invoices for Late-Payment Risk Using Einstein Collections (Beta) 

5. Einstein Readiness Tool to evaluate the ROI of Einstein Prediction Builder 

Having comprehensive and reliable data enables Einstein to provide the finest forecasts, suggestions, and insights. But if you are not sure about the quantity and quality of your data, Salesforce has now updated the Einstein Readiness Tool that lets you know the value of Einstein Lead for your company based on your current lead acquisition and conversion numbers.   

The Einstein Readiness Tool results show which Einstein features you can use right away and which require extra steps. In addition, it lets you estimate the value of Einstein Lead Scoring for your company based on your current lead acquisition and conversion numbers. 

6. New names for various products 

New product names abound in the Summer Release ’22! The preceding name has been replaced by the new product name. Here’s a list of newly updated product names. 

  1. MyTrailhead has been renamed as Sales Enablement 
  2. High-Velocity Sales (HVS) is now Sales Engagement 
  3. Tableau CRM is now called CRM Analytics 
  4. Marketing Cloud has changed the name of its modules. They are:
Previous name   New name 
Interaction Studio   Marketing Cloud Personalisation 
Salesforce CDP  Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform  
Advertising Studio   Marketing Cloud Advertising  
Pardot   Marketing Cloud Account Engagement  
Datorama  Marketing Cloud Intelligence 


Messaging / Journeys  Marketing Cloud Engagement 


7. Target Customers in Real-time with push notifications and in-app message engagement  

Mobile CRM and in-app interaction points are becoming more and more powerful, thanks to features like mobile event entry and exit, push notifications, and in-app engagement.  

With this release, Salesforce enables you to easily retarget a contact when they open a push notification or engage with an in-app message. The Push Message Engagement and In-App Message Engagement Entry sources listen for engagement from the selected messages and enter contacts into a journey. Listen to up to 10 separate messages at a time.  

Sounds like tasks are going to be much more efficient now! 

mobile-app-salesforce summer 2022 release8. Enable Person Accounts Without Contacting Salesforce Support

A much-needed feature for Sales Admins! This feature allows the Sales admin to enable ‘Person Accounts’ on their own. Earlier, enabling Person Accounts required support from Salesforce. However, with the Summer 2022 release, things have been easier.

Admins just need to complete a few actions to have full access to the insights. Person Accounts, according to Salesforce, “keeps information about specific persons by integrating various Account and Contact data into a single record.” This allows companies to keep all data about an individual in one location, which is an essential function for many businesses. 


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