Close Deals Faster and Grow your Business with Salesforce October 14 Release!

October 14, 2019

Author: Barsha Shrestha

Salesforce has decided it’s time for the Winter ’20 version, globally available on October 14, 2019. As a Salesforce user, you can drive customer engagementtrack customer informationmake insightful decisions, and deliver exceptional experience.  

Let’s have a look at some of the new Salesforce October 14 Updates features to bring your company and customers together: 

1. Get Incredible Mobile Experience with New Mobile-App

Sales teams will love this modern UI and improved user experience navigation! This major update means that all information in the Salesforce environment can now be accessed even more easily via mobile. Reduce training time and delight users across devices no matter how or where they work. 

New Mobile App 

2. Connect with Customers via WeChat and WhatsApp

Let customers communicate with support agents using WhatsApp and WeChat. Winter ’20 brings in the much-awaited ability to integrate service console with WeChat and WhatsApp, bringing even more power to customer service agents allowing them to get in touch with customers and track conversations.   

3. Improve Sales Process & Deliver Uniform Sales Experience 

Sales representatives now have everything they need to sell faster all in one screen. From following up on leads and assessing companies to identifying key contacts and more, Salesforce has it covered. Your sales managers can now see customer engagement along with the performance of the sales team. 

Evaluate the Engagement Success of Sales Cadence Steps
Evaluate the Engagement Success of Sales Cadence Steps 

Sales managers can create sales cadences- sales process steps-depending on the results of a call with prospects. For instance, for each step in the sales process you can see the number of calls made, emails sent, and emails opened.

4. Find a Time That Works for Everyone! 

Your Sales team will love the calendar availability view as they can start scheduling business even faster. View, create, and edit events in a day, week, or month.  You can also see any calendars shared by your colleagues. Sales personnel can easily scan who’s free to make a client pitch or host a lunch. See event details faster as everything you want is here at a glance!  

Find a Time That Works for Everyone!

5. Personalise your Search and Get Instant Reports 

Can’t find a report or don’t have time to create one? Get instant access to important data by turning your search terms into record filters with conversational search.  Just enter search terms the way you start a conversation. For example, enter “my closed cases this month” to see a list of your recent cases with a closed status.

Get search results based on what’s important to you- geographical locations, product areas, industries and people- with search personalisation.  

 Create Instant Reports with Conversational Search (beta) 
Create Instant Reports with Conversational Search (beta)  

6. Integration with Gmail Just Gets Better- Email Improvements 

Boost customer engagement by automating and personalising your email marketing at scale. Sales teams now get reminders to log emails from Gmail to salesforce, schedule emails to send later and track emails- thus giving sales team flexibility and control over their workflow.  

 Get Reminders to Log Emails from Gmail to Salesforce
Get Reminders to Log Emails from Gmail to Salesforce 
 Track emails in Gmail automatically 
Track emails in Gmail automatically 

7. Save Paper with Printable View for Lists  

You don’t need to print your entire screen just to make a hard copy of your list. Generate a simple, summarized, ink-saving view of your lists and related lists with Printable View.  

8. Automate Customer Feedback with Salesforce Surveys 

Win more customers by getting to know their needs and concerns.  Customer surveys can be sent out automatically. For example, you can easily conduct surveys to gather data on your products, promotions, or overall customer experience.

9. Access the Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience  

Easily see deleted items in the Recycle Bin in Salesforce Lightning, which can be very useful if you accidentally remove an item. You no longer need to switch to previous version- Salesforce Classic- to access the Recycle Bin.  

Keep up to date with the latest Salesforce October 14 updates by reading our other blogs. The coming Salesforce update will turn on Lightning Experience for all businesses that haven’t done so yet!  

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