There have been many new changes on Dynamics 365 which will change the way users work with the application. Many such changes are centered around Model Driven Apps.  

Here are a few of the basic features found in the online version only: 

  1. Administration – You can switch or delete an instance of CRM Online          
  2. Administration – Updates are driven by you  
  3. Analytics – the Power Query connector streamlines connections to CRM Online          
  4. SDK- Form script support for the new knowledge management integration with Parature 
  5. SDK- Integration with Parature 
  6. Service- Share the knowledge (base) with Parature 
  7. Service- use surveys to collect feedback from customers 
  8. Task Flows- Create a task flow in CRM for phones and Tablets (Preview Feature) 
  9. Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator) 

Office integration features which are found in the Online version: 

  1. Email- CRM APP for Outlook for Exchange Online 
  2. Email- Server-side sync Test connection to Exchange Server(on-prem) and setup guide 
  3. Email- Server-side synchronization in to connect CRM Online with Exchange Online 
  4. Office Integration – Delve (Exchange Online) 
  5. Office Integration- Immersive experience, Excel(online) 
  6. Office Integration- Yammer(online) 
  7. Office Integration - SharePoint (online) 
  8. Office Integration- Office Groups (Exchange online) 
  9. Office Integration- OneNote(online) 
  10. Portal checker: Use the portal checker to identify issues with your portal by looking at various configuration parameters and provide suggestions on how to fix it 

Some advanced features include: 

  • User experience enhancements to develop and improve readability/usability of the web apps, and to make data entry faster and easier. 
  • App platform enhancements and extensibility, including improvements to security and data management. 
  • Creating app modules using WYSISYG designer – essentially sub-sets of the overview organisation’s functionality 
  • You can also add Power BI visualisation- as a portal customiser, you can now embed Power BI visualisations 
  • Site map editor which is a complementary feature to the app modules to create a site map for each of the app modules. This reduces the use of third-party tool. 
  • Business Process Flow Enhancements which has new things like: Concurrent Business Process Flows as per record, new drag and drop designer, timer, suggestion bubbles, ability to call workflows directly. 
  • Editable Grids which allows for in-line editing, JavaScript and other web resources, grouping, dragging columns around, plus additional capability in the mobile apps. 
  • Relationship insights takes your customer engagement to the next level. Now, your assistant can analyse data and provide suggestions, capture rich signals and generate a collection of Action Cards. 
  • Dynamics 365 App for Outlook gets significant updates with this release. It persists on the right side of the screen displaying the recipient list, the related records, the ability to create new records, and also embed templates and attachments. 
  • Provides mobility: new workspace, colors and layout, editable grids, track content directly, and task flows are now GA. 
  • Relevance Search was formally a preview feature now has faceting filtering and full inline results. 
  • Some enhancements including the ability to email a link and searching
  • The learning capability will now include authoring content to walk a user through your learning videos, how-to, and other documentation. 
  • Power BI Integration – Using Dynamics 365 you can now embed entire dashboards. Leveraging the new Web API, you can access more information for the analytics. 
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Portal now supports uploading and displaying documents to and from SharePoint directly on an entity form or web form in a portal. Portal users are now allowed to view, download, add, and delete documents from a portal. Portal users can also create folders to organize their documents. 
  • new Unified Interface framework used for the Customer Service Hub, Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets, and Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Unified Interface is also available in the App Designer so that you can build app modules using this new look and feel. 
  • Advanced FIND now has an option to build a NOT IN query. For instance, users can query for all cases that do not have a related task. 
  • When a lead meets an agreed-on sales-ready score, the system automatically routes it to a salesperson to follow up while the lead’s still hot. 

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