Infor CPQ can boost sales, improve customer experience and reduce costs

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) from Infor has been designed to address tough business challenges. While the system is especially relevant for the manufacturing and distribution sectors.  It can help any business that offers a wide product range together with a high degree of configuration.

Today’s business challenges…

First of all, let’s look at some modern business challenges.  Sales can decline as the product range gets wider and increasingly complicated to sell.  A lengthy order process may mean sales staff are not as productive as they could be. Maybe the business struggles to release products quickly and efficiently. Frequent order errors will increase production costs. The continuation of manual activities will lead to a duplication of effort.

Infor CPQ is the solution…

Infor CPQ Product Configuration

If any of the issues sound familiar then Infor CPQ can help by providing a complete solution with robust capabilities. The system delivers easy configuration of complex products. It enables multi-channel quoting & ordering. The service facilitates images, drawings and models. It makes creating compelling proposals simple. Furthermore, all this is delivered through anytime, anywhere access.

Robust capabilities

Infor CPQ model management

Infor CPQ will enable fast quoting so the sales process is sped up. Easy management of product range will boost cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  Self-service quoting and ordering functions will lead to less order errors and returns. Consequently, scrap and rework can be reduced or eliminated since correct manufacturing information is captured at the very start.  There will be less duplication of  effort as Infor CPQ integrates with ERP. This integration means that all systems work together. The Model Management tool will help keep pace with customer demand since it provides the ability to roll out new products quickly.

To see a live example of Infor CPQ self-service portal click here

Infor CPQ Configuration

The design automation function enables ordering by: look up, photo quality, 2D and 3D design. Another useful feature is that the user does not need additional CAD viewing software to see 3D visuals. This is because the system generates a dynamic PDF in which the user can turn, pan, zoom and tilt the 3D image all using Standard Acrobat Reader. So this is a big cost saver compared to other systems.

Infor CPQ proposal 1Infor CPQ proposal 2Infor CPQ proposal 3Infor CPQ proposal 4

In addition, Infor CPQ will enhance brand distinction by providing easy-to-use tools like document automation.  With this tool a business can improve win rates through detailed, tailored proposals. Therefore customer loyalty will increase through a superior and personalised buying experience.

Please contact us at SeeLogic on 01296 328689 or email to request a demo or discuss how Infor CPQ can help your business. SeeLogic is a CRM consultancy who can advise on all leading platforms and are passionate about finding the right customer solution.

Finally, to see Infor CPQ in action and discover the many features, please watch the following video here.


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