Managing Dynamics 365 online version upgrade

September 5, 2018

Author: Esther Frimpomaa 

When managing an upgrade of Dynamics 365 it is always important to understand the current version of the system implementation. It is also very necessary to know if the current system is integrated with any other system and access the risk impact of the upgrade. Once you know this, the next stage is to inform the client of the risks involved in undertaking this upgrade and what would be the workaround should there be an issue. 

Best way to manage an upgrade is to always work on the sandbox instance first before moving on to the live instance. Even if the client hasn’t got a sandbox instance, use a trial instance. 

If the client has a sandbox instance, request for the credential and copy the live instance solution unto the sandbox. Bear in mind, if there is an integration to another system when moving the live solution to the sandbox environment, it will be the best practice to turn the integration off on the sandbox instance so that no test data will move to the live environment to cause an issue. 

Once this has been established, schedule a date for the sandbox instance to be upgraded with Microsoft. Also, request for a test case from the client. These test cases would be used to test the upgraded sandbox to find out if the system is working as it should. 

After the sandbox instance has been upgraded and tested with the test case, any issues identified would likely be the same issues you would find when the live instance is also upgraded so note these issues down and find a solution to them. 

Now, schedule the date for the live instance upgrade. Once the upgrade takes place, due to the lesson learned from the sandbox issues, navigate straight to that area, test it, if you find the same issues, fixed them just as you did for the sandbox and ensure that it is tested and It works. Make sure that any test data is deleted. After QA test and checks are done successfully, the project manager handovers the system back to client and support. 

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