Transforming customer service just got a whole lot easier with the new updates from Microsoft 2023 first release for Dynamics 365 Customer Service—the ultimate digital contact centre solution from Microsoft. Delivering exceptional customer experiences through seamless live engagements, agent collaboration, cutting-edge telephony, and AI-powered analytics, Dynamics 365 Customer Service is going to change the game for organisations across the globe. 

Its advanced routing, knowledge management, and assistive AI capabilities ensure agents stay on top of their game, maximising productivity and streamlining operations. And with an omnichannel experience that spans chat, voice, social, and business messaging channels, your customers can interact with your brand in a way that suits them best. 

But that’s not all. Microsoft is taking things to the next level with the Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2023 first release. Think enhanced case creation, channel-based swarming with Microsoft Teams, voice channel availability in even more regions, robust real-time analytics, and customisable data models for analytics reports. It’s not just about revolutionising customer service; it’s about making it more personalised, more efficient, and more effective than ever before. 

Explore the rundown of all the top Dynamics 365 Customer Service features from the 2023 first release here: 

1. Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

Looking to revamp your customer service game and keep your customers happy? Try Microsof Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Customer service agents are the unsung heroes of your business, but they’re often bogged down by the pressure to resolve multiple cases quickly, leading to burnout and unhappy customers. Enter Copilot—a range of next-generation AI capabilities that can help your agents streamline tasks across both simple and complex cases while still providing personalised service that demonstrates your commitment to resolving each issue thoroughly and efficiently. 

Copilot offers AI-powered assistance that can help your agents find resources to resolve issues faster, handle cases more efficiently, and even automate time-consuming tasks. This allows them to focus on what they do best: delivering high-quality service to your customers. With Copilot, you can expedite resolving customer issues and increase satisfaction scores, all while making life easier for your hard-working agents. 

Don’t settle for mediocre customer service capability—use Copilot in Customer Service and start providing your customers with the personalised, efficient service they deserve! Need assistance with that? Feel free to get in touch with Dogma’s experts. We are eager to help you! 

i. Stay Informed With AI-generated Conversation Summaries 

Do you have to sift through lengthy conversation transcripts to get the information you need to help your customers? Introducing the conversation auto-summarisation feature in Dynamics 365 Customer Service—the ultimate solution to your problem! 

With this Microsoft Copilot feature in Customer Service, you can now quickly and easily access concise summaries of your conversations, complete with structured context. That way, you can work more efficiently and collaborate with other agents and experts to resolve issues faster than ever before. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service today and level up your customer service delivery. Allow us to help you! 

Public Preview from April 2023  

Auto-summarisation in D365 Customer Service from 2023 first release
Auto-summarisation in D365 Customer Service

ii. Use Copilot to Identify and Troubleshoot Customer Issues Efficiently

Say goodbye to endless searches across multiple knowledge sources and consulting with subject matter experts. With Copilot, agents can quickly diagnose customer problems and troubleshoot issues in a conversational chat experience, resulting in faster and more efficient interactions. 

Copilot analyses customer data to identify patterns, anticipate needs, and suggest appropriate solutions for each unique situation. Agents are in full control every step of the way, verifying responses, checking resources, and personalising messages to match the customer’s specific needs. With Copilot, agents can handle more queries in less time, increasing productivity and improving the overall customer experience. 

Additionally, with this 2023 first release for Customer Service, agents can use Copilot to link conversations to cases automatically, refer to conversations stored in Dataverse, and use responses generated from Dynamics 365 knowledge articles, external sources via knowledge integration, and trusted public websites. 

Keep your agents from getting stuck in endless searches and consultations. Empower them with Microsoft Copilot for Customer Service and watch their efficiency and productivity soar.  

Public Preview from May 2023 

iii. Use Copilot to Generate Chat Replies Quickly 

Stop spending hours researching and synthesising responses with a new streamlined process that dramatically improves agent productivity and customer satisfaction. 

With Copilot, agents get a unified view of incoming chats from various channels, including Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messaging, text messages, and WhatsApp—all integrated with case management. In addition, the omnichannel capabilities of Customer Service allow for intelligent parsing of information and contextualisation with organisational and customer data. 

Copilot keeps track of historical interactions, using that information to recommend a tailored, helpful answer that agents can review before responding. Plus, customers can expect the best service, regardless of their choice of channel. And with this 2023 first release for Customer Service, agents can expect even more features, including unified responses generated from internal and external trusted sources and the ability to view links to the sources referenced to produce the response. 

Public Preview from May 2023 

iv. Personalise and Send Emails Faster With Copilot 

The ground-breaking technology that’s transforming the customer service landscape is here! Powered by generative AI, Copilot empowers customer service agents to craft personalised, contextual email replies with just a click. No more wasted time searching for the perfect response or using generic, impersonal templates. With Copilot, agents can deliver world-class customer service in record time, leaving customers feeling heard and valued. 

With Microsoft Copilot in Customer Service, the possibilities are endless. Agents can choose from predefined response prompts or even provide custom prompts for complex customer emails. Plus, Copilot uses the context of your email conversation, case notes, and knowledge articles to produce tailored emails that meet your customer’s unique needs. And the best part? You’re always in control! Fine-tune and edit the suggested email reply before sending it to your customer. 

Start using Copilot to deliver unparalleled email support that sets your organisation apart from the competition. No more wasted time because your customers are happy! All thanks to Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 Customer Service. 

Public Preview from May 2023 

Copilot email-assistant in the 2023 first release for D365 Customer Service
Copilot email-assistant

2. Use Enhanced Case Forms to Manage Cases More Efficiently 

As a business owner, you know that your agents’ productivity is critical to your success. But imagine if your agents could manage cases more efficiently without the hassle of switching between multiple screens and repetitive tasks. That’s where this enhanced case form comes in. 

The 2023 first release for Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables agents to upload multiple attachments, take quick notes, and access contextual customer data all in one place. This means your agents can work more efficiently, with less effort, and avoid case duplication. 

Its autofill feature saves your agents’ valuable time by automatically filling out case fields when the case is created from a conversation. Additionally, its capabilities allow agents to capture rich case details quickly and easily. 

Plus, the consolidated view of all attachments related to a case means that agents can access all the information they need in a single place without having to search through multiple screens. 

So, if you want to increase your agents’ productivity and streamline your case management operations, this enhanced case form is the feature you need to use. 

General Availability from April 2023 

Improved case forms in Customer Service 2023 first release
Enhanced Case Forms

3. Improve Multitasking With Enhanced Workspace Layout 

Are you looking for a customer service feature that offers an intuitive and easy-to-use user experience to help your agents increase productivity and efficiency?  

Then you will like the improved Customer Service workspace! Its enhanced layout allows agents to seamlessly switch between cases, conversations, and issues without losing context, so they can handle multiple tasks at once. 

What’s more, its modern design features a new layout for site maps, sessions, and tabs, making navigation easier and more intuitive than ever before. With horizontally displayed sessions and child tabs, improved handling of overflow tabs and sessions, and a tab bar that only appears when a session has multiple tabs, it is designed to increase productivity and streamline workflows. 

Microsoft has also made significant improvements to accessibility, including in-app notifications when using multiple sessions.  

General Availability from April 2023 

Improved workspace layout in Microsoft 2023 first release for CS
Enhanced workspace layout

4. Improve Customer Support With Personalised Out-Of-The-Box Real-Time Analytics Reports  

Analysing operational metrics is crucial to improving your team’s performance and delivering exceptional customer support. But it can be time-consuming to constantly reapply filters to your reports every time you access them. That’s where this feature comes in. 

With the latest out-of-the-box real-time reports from the 2023 first release for Customer Service, you can save filters as bookmarks and personalise your reports to your specific needs. This not only saves you time and effort but also allows you to quickly and easily access the data you need to make informed decisions. 

It also offers a range of key capabilities, including the ability to select from a previously saved filter list, set one of the bookmarks as default, and even delete one or multiple bookmarks as needed. 

By streamlining your reporting process, you can optimise your team performance and deliver excellent customer support. Plus, without time-consuming reporting to hold you back, you can make a better impact on your business. 

General Availability from April 2023 

OOTB Reporting in Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2023 first release
Out-Of-The-Box Analytics Reports

5. Enable Agent Demand Forecasting to Better Handle Customer Conversations 

Have you been overestimating or underestimating the number of agents needed to provide top-notch customer service? Here’s a perfect solution! 

Microsoft 2023 first release for Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides managers with daily agent forecasts for conversations, giving them the ability to make informed hiring decisions and adjust staffing levels.  

With the ability to forecast conversation volumes and business goals, such as service-level agreements and average handling time, you can rest assured that you’ll have the right number of agents to meet your customers’ needs. Plus, this latest update offers more granular agent forecasts at 15-minute intervals, allowing you to create agent schedules for voice and digital channels with ease.  

No more higher labour costs or decreased customer satisfaction due to inaccurate staffing levels; now you can definitely provide first-class customer service and improve brand loyalty! 

Public Preview from April 2023 

Agent forecasting in D365 Customer Service
Agent forecasting in Microsoft 2023 first release for Customer Service

6. Use New Template Designer to Create Email Templates With Ease 

Spending countless hours crafting the same email messages to your customers is no good! 

Forget the repetitive tasks and improve efficiency with the new email template creation experience in the 2023 first release for Customer Service. The new and advanced digital content designer makes it easy to create stunning and professional email templates that are consistent and preformatted for any occasion. 

With responsive layouts that adapt to any screen size, you can be sure that your message will look great on any device. Plus, with the ability to add elements like images, text, buttons, and dividers with ease, you’ll have complete control over the look and feel of your emails. So, don’t settle for average emails—elevate your customer communication with our email templates today! 

General availability from April 2023 

Enhanced-email-template-editor in the 2023 first release for Customer Service

What’s Next  

If you’re looking to transform your customer experiences with the latest updates from Microsoft 2023 first release for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you’re not alone! Many businesses are looking to embrace their digital imperative by leveraging the latest Microsoft updates for their Customer Service solutions. Don’t get left behind! Check out the official release notes here for comprehensive insight! 


The features listed here are planned for release from April 2023 through September 2023. However, the delivery timelines may change, and the listed functionality may not be released. For more information, go to Microsoft policy. Also, read our 2023 first release highlights for other Dynamics 365 applications and Power Platform.

Talk to Dogma's experts
Talk to Dogma’s experts

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