Is customer support taking up too much time with shallow conversation insights and inefficient agent delegation? Wondering how to empower your customer service agents to provide better support and personalised interactions? Stop worrying! Because Microsoft 2023 second release for Dynamics 365 Customer Service is all set to change that, helping you take your customer service game up a notch. 

In a world where every interaction matters, these updates are your answer to the persistent challenges that have held your support team back. With many groundbreaking enhancements, Microsoft 2023 second release for Customer Service is your key to enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and a seamless path towards unlocking the full potential of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. So, are you ready to revolutionise your customer support journey? Dive into this blog for an in-depth look at the future of customer service. 

Discover knowledge content with Copilot 

General Availability Oct 2023 

Are your agents spending an excessive amount of time searching for information they need? Do they have to constantly consult subject matter experts to resolve customer issues efficiently? Introducing Copilot-assisted knowledge content, a revolutionary solution that enables your agents to tackle customer problems with lightning speed, thanks to an intuitive, conversational chat experience. 

This feature update has the ability to diagnose customer issues, tapping into your organisation’s internal knowledge in Dynamics 365 and a wealth of data from trusted online sources. It links a conversation to a case for streamlined tracking and resolution, allowing agents to easily refer back to stored Copilot conversations in Dataverse. 

It then provides agents with precisely tailored solutions to deliver to customers. Notably, Copilot goes a step further by analysing customer data, recognising patterns, and offering insightful suggestions to agents, ensuring each interaction is handled with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 

With this potent tool in their arsenal, your agents can efficiently manage a higher volume of customer inquiries in less time. This results in improved operational efficiency and an overall enhancement of the customer experience. What sets Copilot apart is that it empowers agents to be in full control of leveraging AI to boost their productivity. They can verify responses, cross-check resources, and personalise messages to meet each customer’s specific needs efficiently, guaranteeing satisfaction and an exceptional customer experience, faster every time.


Filter the Copilot content based on entity attributes 

Public Preview Feb 2024

Your customer service agents constantly burdened with the task of manually selecting content filters. To enhance their efficiency, you need to streamline this process. Copilot‘s latest feature does just that, offering a solution that not only saves time but also improves the quality of responses. 

In its ongoing quest to simplify content filtering, Copilot in Customer Service now offers automated filtering based on specific attributes derived from entities like customer profiles. The result? A seamless experience for your agents and customers alike. 

For instance, consider a customer’s profile attribute, like location. Copilot effortlessly matches this attribute with the corresponding field in the entity. Only records with matching field values are utilised to generate responses. When this automated filtering occurs, agents receive notifications, ensuring they’re always in the loop about the new filters in action. 

Simply put, this feature streamlines content filtering, reducing the need for agents to manually select filters. This efficiency results in time savings and a more productive workflow for the team. By automatically separating content from different sources based on specific attributes, this feature ensures that responses are of higher quality. Agents can deliver more accurate and relevant information to customers. 

Also, with the burden of manual filter selection lifted, agents can focus more on engaging with customers, providing better support, personalising customer interactions, and building stronger customer relationships. 

Filter the Copilot content based on entity attributes 

Public Preview Feb 2024 

How long does it take for your customer service agents to search and craft responses to customer emails?  

Customer service agents often spend hours searching and crafting responses to their customer emails. While you try your best to provide personalised and timely support to your customers, avoiding generic template responses are not always possible.  

Thanks to this Copilot feature, powered by generative AI, you can now create highly personalised contextual email replies tailored to each customer’s unique needs with a single click. That means you have the power to choose from predefined response prompts or even create custom prompts for complex customer emails. In other words, it puts you in control, allowing you to fine-tune and edit the suggested email reply as needed. 

The business benefits of this update are substantial. Customer service agents can now deliver top-notch email support in a fraction of the time, saving valuable minutes. This efficiency translates to higher productivity and the ability to handle a larger volume of customer requests. By providing personalised and contextual responses, Copilot also ensures that customers feel heard and valued.  


View skills and proficiency in Omnichannel real-time analytics reports 

General Availability Oct 2023 

Improving customer support is crucial, and it all starts with the right skills. If you’ve ever worried about managing conversations without knowing your agent’s skills, fear not! With Microsoft’s new skills filter, you can ensure a top-notch support experience. 

Here’s what you can do as a supervisor: 

  • Easily filter conversations by specific skills, making sure they reach the right agent. 
  • Dive into important metrics like handle time, wait time, and agent availability for each skill. 
  • Hover over agent profiles and ongoing conversations to see their skills, so you always know who’s best for the job. 
  • View proficiency (or skill level) in the data model for use in visual customisation. 

Route calls to agents who are least active 

General Availability Oct 2023 

Are you looking to optimise your agent assignments and improve customer satisfaction? Do you want your agents to be at their best between calls? 

In the 2022 second release, Microsoft introduced a preview of a new call routing method called Most idle assignment for voice queues. Now, in Microsoft 2023 second release for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, it has announced that this feature is going to be generally available as Least Active routing. The core functionality remains the same as it was during the public preview. 

With Least Active routing, your organisation can automatically assign phone calls to agents who have been least active for the longest duration. This means you’ll make the best use of your agents’ availability, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, your agents will have more time to rest between calls, which can boost their engagement and overall performance.  

For new voice queues, Least Active will be the default assignment method, simplifying your setup. And for existing voice queues, there’s no change required, ensuring a seamless transition. 


Ready to Embrace the Change? 

If you’ve been using Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you must be eager to unlock the full potential of these Microsoft 2023 second release updates. And if you’re new to Customer Service, you must be wondering how you can leverage this innovative customer service solution to its full capacity. Fret not because Dogma’s experts are here! We’re your trusted advisors, helping you navigate through the Customer Service deployment and pinpoint the useful features that best fit your business needs. 


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