Project Operations Simplified Microsoft 2024 First Release

As project managers, are you tired of juggling spreadsheets, battling resource constraints, and struggling with siloed data? Brace yourselves, because Microsoft 2024 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Project Operations brings a wave of exciting updates designed to streamline your workflow, boost efficiency, and empower smarter decision-making. 

Ready to dive deep into these groundbreaking features, exploring functionalities that will transform your project management experience? Discover enhanced usability for resource allocation, improved contract management tools, and streamlined budgeting workflows to keep your projects on track and your team thriving!  


Tailor project status reports with Copilot 

General availability Sep 2024 

Leveraging this update, you can empower your project managers with customisable report sections, adapting to diverse business needs and audience preferences seamlessly. This feature utilises the insight generator, capturing data from predefined entities. Users can effortlessly incorporate these entities into project status reports, ensuring alignment with project-specific requirements.  

Additionally, they can save and distribute reports to multiple stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and communication.  

Use progress billing for resource and non-stock scenarios 

Public preview Aug 2024 

Now you can forget your billing headaches with this progress billing update in D365 Project Operations. It’s easier than ever to streamline your invoicing process by maintaining progress billing rules for non-stock/resource-based scenarios.  

You can now easily track and manage progress percentages for contracts, ensuring accurate billing at every milestone. With the ability to create invoices based on completed progress, you’ll save time and ensure transparency in your financial transactions. Plus, you can experience smoother operations and improved cash flow management with this powerful feature, simplifying your billing process. 

Intuitive reimbursement experience in Expense app 

General availability Apr 2024 

Microsoft 2024 first release wave for Project Operations also introduces an intuitive experience for Expense Mobile App users. Now, there’s no more cumbersome expense reporting processes as the entire reimbursement process becomes more effortless. This update streamlines expense entry, ensuring productivity soars for your team, and also simplifies expense tracking on-the-go.  

In addition to its user-friendly design, it’s also quite flexible and adaptable with future updates evolving based on customer feedback. By accelerating reimbursement processes, it empowers your team to focus on core tasks and transforms your expense management seamlessly. 

Microsoft 2024 Wave 1 Release for D365 Project Operations

Improve performance for resource booking generation 

General availability Sep 2024 

This update focuses on enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of resource booking processes within Dynamics 365 Project Operations. It leverages diverse methodologies to streamline CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations, enabling parallel execution. This enhancement significantly boosts scalability and throughput within resource booking functionalities. And it elevates your overall business performance by facilitating smoother and more optimised resource allocation processes. 

Optimise resource requirement generation 

General availability Sep 2024 

Now you can unlock unparalleled potential with this latest feature update that streamlines resource allocation. By optimising resource requirements generation for concurrent tasks within the same timeframe, this update simplifies resource management. Harnessing cutting-edge performance enhancements, it seamlessly executes CRUD operations within Dynamics 365 Project Operations, expediting resource bookings with unmatched efficiency. This transformative change bolsters scalability and throughput, ensuring your business operates at peak performance and tailoring the performance to meet the dynamic needs of your enterprise. 

What’s Next? 

As a Dynamics 365 Project Operations user, you might be keen on leveraging all these new Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 updates. And if you’re planning to implement a Project Operations instance at your organisation, these enhanced features are all the more reasons you should hurry. In both cases, Dogma‘s experts can assist you in harnessing the full potential of D365 Project Operations with minimal business downtime. 

MS 2024 First Release - Dynamics 365 Project Operations

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