Calling all citizen developers, business analysts, and automation enthusiasts! Are you ready to unlock a new level of efficiency and innovation within your organisation?  Hold onto your hats, because the updates from Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 for Power Platform bring a treasure trove of exciting updates designed to supercharge your workflows. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into these groundbreaking advancements, exploring features that empower you to streamline processes, automate critical tasks, and gain deeper insights from your data – all within the familiar and user-friendly Power Platform environment. Get ready to discover enhancements in Power Pages, Power Apps, Microsoft Copilot Studio (formerly Power Virtual Agents), and Power Automate, and more, empowering you to build powerful applications, automate repetitive tasks, and gain actionable insights like never before. Welcome to the forefront of innovation! 

Power BI has moved to Microsoft Fabric 

Microsoft Fabric is the new platform for data integration and Power BI. Microsoft Fabric empowers all levels of an organisation for data-driven decisions through improved copilot features and ongoing development. Data integration, now Data Factory, offers broader connections, richer transformations, and real-time data replication for data lake analytics.  

Work Load menu Microsoft 2024 First Release Power Platform

Power Apps 

Use copilot easily in canvas apps 

Public preview Jul 2024 

Seamlessly integrated into canvas apps linked to Microsoft Dataverse, the enhanced Copilot simplifies data comprehension without any configuration hassle. It’s ready to assist users instantly, answering queries like top sales performers or inventory status without delay. This extension of Copilot’s reach enhances productivity and insights for all users by querying Dataverse tables to find the right answers for users. 

Visualise and work with complex data using copilot 

Public preview May 2024 

With this update you can forget complex codes! Power Apps now lets you build your data model visually. Imagine creating tables, linking them with smart suggestions, and seeing everything in an easy-to-understand diagram. Plus, Copilot, your AI sidekick, helps you create entire models from scratch or tweak existing ones in seconds. Build powerful apps faster than ever with this intuitive new data modelling experience. 

Define sync settings on mobile devices for model-driven apps 

General availability Apr 2024 

Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 for Power Platform introduces new offline sync settings in Power Apps mobile app. This update empowers you to take charge of your mobile data and battery usage with these enhanced features that enables WiFi only sync and Auto sync based on user preference. These new settings maintain your productivity and save resources while staying seamlessly connected on the go. 

Syns setting user Power platform 2024 MS release wave 1

Power Pages 

Disable external authentication providers in Power Pages 

Public preview Jun 2024 

This exciting update introduces governance settings on Power Pages websites-a powerful feature for admins. Now, they can precisely manage data access by blocking or allowing authentication providers. This builds on existing control to block anonymous access, ensuring tighter security. Enjoy enhanced data governance across all Power Pages in your tenants, bolstering security and compliance effortlessly. Stay in control and stay secure!  

Control authentication providers in Power Pages 

Explore file upload enhancements for Power Pages sites 

General availability May 2024 

This latest feature update brings enhanced support for smoother file uploads, fulfilling a long-awaited customer request. This mean you can say goodbye to your file upload frustrations! With increased file size limits, drag-and-drop functionality, and seamless integration with cloud storage and cameras, you can now effortlessly upload files. Plus, you can easily configure upload options across different storage platforms right from the design studio, streamlining your workflow and boo6st productivity. 

Get answers from website data using copilot 

Public preview May 2024 

Using this updates feature, it is now easier than ever to provide answers to your website users instantly with Copilot chatbot and empower them with on-demand information. 

This AI-driven chatbot understands natural language questions, eliminating the need for frustrating searches. Imagine: a user asks about their open case, and the chatbot instantly displays the status and a relevant link. This intuitive tool saves time, boosts your website user satisfaction, and keeps them informed, all within your website. 

Power Automate 

Be more productive with Power Automate and Excel desktop 

Public preview Apr 2024 

Excel Online’s latest feature, the Automate Work button, revolutionises task automation on Windows desktop and Mac. Now you can seamlessly automate repetitive tasks, enhance accuracy, and skyrocket productivity, all within Excel. Access prebuilt templates or craft custom workflows effortlessly, empowering businesses to efficiently manage customer feedback and satisfaction. This integrated capability surpasses previous versions, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency in Excel. 

View a Power Automate visual in a Power BI report 

General availability Apr 2024 

Thanks to this enhancement, you can now seamlessly translate insights into action with Power Automate visual. Run automated flows directly from your Power BI report, effortlessly bridging analysis and implementation. Enjoy dynamic, data contextual flows, adapting to user-set filters. Edit flows easily, adjust data inputs, and customises formatting without hassle. Empower every user to execute and even modify flows, enhancing collaboration and efficiency as well as boosting your business ability. 

Get quick insights and recommendations in Copilot for Process Mining 

General availability Apr 2024 

This feature update helps unlock the power of process mining with Copilot for Power Automate! Transform how you understand and optimise your business processes by easily uncovering insights, identifying bottlenecks, and streamlining operations. With Copilot, you can effortlessly discover bottlenecks in processes, gain valuable insights, and receive tailored recommendations for automation and solutions. That way you can democratise process mining for both business users and experts, empowering them to make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency and growth. 

Microsoft Copilot Studio 

You can now use Microsoft Copilot Studio (formerly Power Virtual Agents) to extend Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft 365 and build custom copilots for internal and external scenarios. With Microsoft first release wave in 2024, Microsoft Copilot Studio gets a major upgrade! Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Improved Analytics: Understand how your copilot is performing and make data-driven improvements. 
  • Generative Actions: Build chatbots faster by letting AI manage responses instead of writing them all yourself. 
  • Multilingual Support: Expand your chatbot’s reach with support for more languages and generative answers. 
  • New Deployment Channels: Reach customers on popular platforms like WhatsApp and SMS. 
  • Topic Sharing: Reuse content across different chatbots and projects for faster development. 
  • Billing & Usage Tracking: Monitor how your team uses Microsoft Copilot Studio to optimise resources. 
  • Voice Integration: Build voice-enabled chatbots for a more natural user experience. 

What Now? 

Leverage Dogma’s expertise to transform these updates from Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 for Power Platform into actionable strategies. Existing users and newcomers alike can benefit from our proven approach – maximising results with zero business disruption. 


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