Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing update-October 2024

Did you hear about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing update? The first price increase in over half a decade, it marks a pivotal moment for businesses utilising Dynamics 365 products.  

But this price increase doesn’t go without reflecting the significant enhancements Microsoft has made to Dynamics 365 over the years in customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). With seamless integration across various business functions and hundreds of new features and improvements designed to help businesses work smarter and collaborate more effectively, Microsoft’s unwavering vision remains steadfast: to empower organisations with the Dynamics 365 experience. 

At Dogma Group, we understand the impact this change can have on your operations. That’s why, as your trusted advisors, we’re here to offer expert insights and tailored solutions to help you navigate this transition seamlessly.  

Whether you’re a current Dynamics 365 user or considering adopting the platform for your business needs, our experts are here to support you every step of the way. By understanding your unique business requirements and objectives, we can tailor solutions that not only address the immediate challenges posed by the pricing update but also position your organisation for long-term success. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing Update 

Here’s the list of solutions for which prices are being updated with effect from 1 October 2024: 

Solutions Price before  1 October 2024  Price as of  1 October 20242  
Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise  $95 (~£75)$105 (~£84)
Dynamics 365 Sales Device4  $145 (~£115)$160 (~£128)
Dynamics 365 Sales Premium  $135 (~£108)$150 (~£120)
Relationship Sales3  $162 (~£130)$177 (~£142)
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise  $95 (~£75)$105 (~£84)
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Device4  $145 (~£115)$160 (~£128)
Dynamics 365 Field Service  $95 (~£75)$105 (~£84)
Dynamics 365 Field Service Device4  $145 (~£115)$160 (~£128)
Dynamics 365 Finance  $180 (~£144)$210 (~£168)
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management  $180 (~£144)$210 (~£168)
Dynamics 365 Commerce  $180 (~£144)$210 (~£168)
Dynamics 365 Human Resources  $120 (~£95)$135 (~£108)
Dynamics 365 Project Operations  $120 (~£95)$135 (~£108)
Dynamics 365 Operations – Device4  $75 (~£60)$85 (~£68)

The new pricing for Dynamics 365 on-premises customer engagement and operations solutions will mirror the percentage increases applied to their cloud versions. Meanwhile, pricing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will remain unaffected. 

This new pricing update will come into effect globally for new and existing customers upon subscription or renewal as of 1 October 2024. For UK customers, the new prices will be adjusted comparably in GBP. In the US, the prices will increase by 10% to comply with local regulations. Subsequently, a smaller increment will follow on 1 October 2025, ensuring alignment with the commercial pricing outlined earlier. 


1 All prices are per user per month (or per device per month where noted).  
2 Prices shown are for informational purposes only and may not be reflective of the actual list price due to currency, country, region, and variant factors. Contact a Dogma expert for additional information on pricing.  
3 Pricing per user per month will increase by $15 (~£12) in all tiers in Microsoft Relationship Sales. Only the 10-99 user tier is shown for simplicity.  

4 Prices for these products are approximations.  

Embracing the pricing update! 

Wondering how this Dynamics 365 pricing update might affect your specific subscription? Dogma’s experts are happy to discuss this further and help you assess the impact on your business. Reach out to us now for personalised assistance tailored to your business needs. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing update experts

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