Microsoft Inspire Day Three Highlights

July 13, 2017

Microsoft Inspire Day Three – Read the latest highlights here!

Day three round-up:

The sessions on day three focused heavily on global issues such as the forthcoming GDPR and environmental sustainability. It was interesting to note a developing dynamic between large corporations and governments. Is there a space for corporations to fill in the moral ambiguity left behind by some governments? It’s clear that corporations like Microsoft will become increasing global champions and will endeavour to ensure technology is developed to help solve ‘human’ issues. It was a very thought provoking day and certainly made for interesting discussions at network opportunities.

Brad Smith, President, Chief Legal Officer talking data protection

Top 5 takeaways:

All companies need to be aware of GDPR since any personal data held on record must be processed in accordance with that individual’s national rules. The digital business may well have customers from across the globe including EU nationals.  For instance, there are many data centres set up in Ireland, within EU governance. Microsoft will release a range of support material for GDPR, please continue to follow us for our digest of material. You can read part one of our GDPR series here 

Microsoft is making the biggest change to it’s go-to-market strategy in a decade

Microsoft is supporting business growth by making the transition from Business Edition to Enterprise just one simple click

Microsoft will not support any government going after any client but will support every client from any threat

Financials module just gets better and better… now no longer a cut down product but a full module of Finance and Operations for the same low cost.

Overall theme of the day?

“Day 3 and there is not shortage of buzz especially when the new sales strategy was announced and how it will present a better go to market strategy for companies to work on a more global scale”

Favourite Presentation?

“Political interview explaining how organisations are leading the way for driving change around the globe and not countries.  Especially now USA has taken a step back from trying to lead the way globally.  Could Mark Zuckerberg be the next US president ?”

Overheard at Inspire Day Three?

Eddie Harford was confused with a rockstar by a member of the LinkedIn photography team.  Not sure which one mind… Any guesses are welcome!

SeeLogic MD Eddie Harford or British rockstar? Answers on a postcard…