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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has helped to run the entire business with a single solution. To accelerate and support various vertical and horizontal solutions for cloud version of Business Central, Microsoft has released wave 2 plan for Business Central. The 2019 release wave 2 update has now rolled out for new tenants and environments from October 1, 2019. 

With the 2019 release wave 2, Business Central will bring improvements in application enhancementsapplication lifecycle managementmigrations to business centraonlinemodern clientsmodern developer tools and many more. 

There has been a need to manage the life cycle of the customer who use the Business Central. So, with this release Microsoft will be providing a lot of application life cycle management features such as: 

Among the above features that is being released this October 2019, ability to create Multiple production environment is one of the much-needed features for Business central. 

Reasons for the requirement of Multiple production environment: 

Multinational companies operate in different countries or regions across the world. Each country has different tax laws and rules related to the financial operation and different reporting requirements. So, business central is available with the country and region-specific localization. 

E.g. US localization includes Sales Tax instead of VAT and specific reporting transaction (1099 Codes).   

UK localization includes VAT instead of Sales tax and can setup “Making Tax Digital” services to communicate with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). 

Since you could only setup on production environment, you could not provide specific localization to each entity of the multinational company. 

E.g. if a multinational company operate in US as well as UK, then, you are forced to use only one BC localization of both entities so; lot of customization will be required to fulfill the requirement of the other entity. 

Benefits and features of Multiple Production Environment. 

Now, with the multiple production environment, for each tenant, administrators can create multiple production environments of business central. 

This will include the option for environments to be on different country-specific or region-specific versions/localization of Business Central. 

So, a multinational company operating on US and UK can use their specific Business Central localization in the same tenant reducing the customization effort and cost which would have been required otherwise. 

What’s Next? 

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