Author: Sandesh Wagle 

If your business is looking to adopt or has recently upgraded to Dynamics 365 Business Central, then these shortcut keys will make your job easy and more productive.  

In this blog, we have listed some of the shortcut keys that might help you to work in D365 Business Central:  

  1. Form shortcuts 

Form shortcut works while creating any kind of form like customer accountsales invoice or any type of customer details. Below is the list of Form shortcuts you can use:  

Alt+N=Create a new record 

Alt+Del=Delete a record 

ALT+F9=Delete a record 

Alt+S=Save record 

Ctrl+S=Save record 

Ctrl+Shift+F5=Undo changes to record 

Shift+F5=Data refresh 

Alt+Shift+F=Move to the Filter box 

F2=Toggle edit mode 

Ctrl+ ‘=Perform an action (find a button) 

Ctrl+Shift+ A=Attach a document 

Ctrl+Shift+E=Export to Excel 

Esc= Close the navigation list on Details form (with focus in the navigation list) 

Filtering shortcuts 

Filtering refers to a wide range of strategies or solutions for refining data. The data is refined into simply what a user needs, without including other data that can be repetitive, irrelevant or even sensitive. The below shortcut key is used to filter the data: 

Ctrl+G= Open grid filtering for the current column 

Esc= Close grid filtering for the current column 

Ctrl+F3= Open the Filter pane (or switch focus between the Filter pane and the main form if the Filter pane is already open) 

Esc= Close the Filter pane (with focus in the Filter pane) 

Ctrl+Shift+F3= Open advanced filtering/sort 

*= “Contains” wildcard useful in Filter box 

Navigation shortcuts 

Use navigation shortcut to plan and follow a route. The following shortcut shows the navigation to the entity that exist in Dynamic 365 Business Central: 

Alt+Shift+Home= Go to the dashboard 

Alt+Shift+F1= Go to the navigation bar 

Alt+F1= Go to the navigation pane 

Shift+F= Favorite/un-favorite a form (with focus on a form in the navigation pane) 

Ctrl+Shift+O= Go to the company picker 

Ctrl+/= Go to navigation search 

Alt+G= Go to navigation search 

Ctrl+? = Open the help pane  

Alt+Shift+T= Open the trace parser 

Grid shortcuts 

A grid is a pattern of straight lines that cross over each other, forming square. Here in Business Central while working with tables you can use the following shortcut keys:   

Page up/Page down= Go to the next/previous page of data 

Down arrow = Create a new row at the bottom of the grid 

Ctrl+Shift+M= Select or clear all rows 

Ctrl+Home= Move to the first record 

Ctrl+End= Move to the last record 

Form navigation shortcuts 

Navigation form is a simple form that contains a Navigation Control. This is a great addition to any desktop database. The below shortcuts help while working with Form navigation: 

Tab/Shift+Tab= Move to the next/previous field 

Space bar/Enter= Expand a FastTab (with focus on the FastTab header) 

Alt+0= Collapse the current FastTab 

Ctrl+Shift+G= Switch to grid view 

Ctrl+Shift+D= Switch to details view 

Ctrl+Shift+H= Switch to header view 

Ctrl+Shift+L= Switch to lines view 

Esc= Close the form (click Back) 

Input control shortcuts 

Use input control shortcuts to ensure that transactions are properly authorized before processed by the computer, accurately converted to machine readable form and recorded in the computer. Ensure that data files and transactions are not lost, added, duplicated or improperly changed, and that, incorrect transactions are rejected, corrected and resubmitted on a timely basis. 

D+Tab= Enter the session date in a date field 

T+Tab= Enter the current date in a date field 

Ctrl+A= Select text in the current field 

We have just summarized some of the shortcut keys you can use while working inMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

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