Salesforce’s Service Cloud has enhanced numerous features in the Spring 22′ release to enable service agents to create a more pleasant customer experience.

Service Cloud includes some exciting improvements. You can create efficient team planning, streamline non-urgent tasks, make smart yet quick decisions, resolve incidents and cases quickly and discover strategies to engage more customers or prospects during the conversation with the new updates.

Here’s a rundown of the top upcoming Service module features from your trusted advisors:

1. Create efficient team planning with enhanced features in ‘Workforce Engagement’

With the update in Workforce Engagement, you can create a call centre budget and recruitment of customer service team plans. It lets you predict how many full-time employees are required for each job profile and when those individuals are required. The capacity plans can now last up to 52 weeks instead of 12 weeks in the previous update, which helps you plan for the near future. In a nutshell, now you will be able to create efficient team planning, enabling your organisation to meet customer service level agreements, resulting in a good customer experience.


Another interesting update in Workforce Engagement is now you can evaluate metrics like schedule adherence which is a metric revealing whether call centre agents are following their assigned schedules, compliance, Omni-Channel status, and scheduled versus presence time. With these metrics in hand, planners can easily create an environment for increased schedule accuracy.


Another unmissable feature here helps your agent maintain work-life balance. With the new update you can create a scheduling rule for the allocation of desirable shifts to each customer service agent. The planners can mark an inconvenient shift as non-standard. With the scheduling logic, you will be able to filter out agents who have reached their limit. This results in the improved well-being of agents.

2. Streamline non-urgent tasks to increase efficiency with Omni-Channel flow for cases and leads

Earlier, you could implement Omni-Channel Flow to route real-time objects like voice calls or chat. With this Spring 22′ enhancement, you can leverage omnichannel flow to non-real-time objects cases, leads, or custom objects. With the update, you can take these non-real-time assignments as real-time assignments. A screen pop when the record is assigned will make things easier for you to view the task and organise accordingly. Customer service professionals can streamline non-urgent tasks, increasing agents’ efficiency. This feature is beneficial to help you focus on what is important and not just the urgent tasks.

3. Make smart yet quick decisions with enhancement in ‘Supervisor Agent Tabs

Another exciting update is the ability to customise the supervisor’s experience with filtered views in the Omni Supervisor tabs. This means now managers can narrow the view to individual agents addressing skills, queues, or specific issues, allowing you to make smart yet quick decisions when assigning tasks. For example, you can set up a supervisor configuration to filter skills from the Skills Backlog page.


Supervisors can now use the Assigned Queues column filter to show specific queues.


Besides that, you can also get updates, including agents’ online and offline status durations and assigned work capacity from the Supervisor Agents’ Tab, making it easier for supervisors to filter agents based on their status.


4. Resolve incidents faster with Integrated Paths to Resolution and Omnichannel Outreach

Incident Management allows you to analyse the cause of a customer service incident, streamline agent operations and implement changes to reduce downtime and resolve the issue. The new update enables you to resolve the customer service incident more systematically. You can map out processes to track the progress to resolve the incident by creating a work plan and work steps.

Similarly, another update allows you to use Omni-Channel to route an incident to an agent.  This saves your agents time with faster resolution and enables the customer service team to provide a consistently positive client experience regardless of the communication method.

5. Einstein bots become more user friendly with redesigns in Bot builder

How fabulous would it be if you could increase customer engagement and conversions by reaching people in different areas of the world? The good news: Einstein Bot has updated its feature and now supports over 17 languages. You can reach more audiences with multiple language Einstein chatbots. Many of the languages were in beta earlier, and now all the languages have been added in the Spring 2022 release.

Another feature worth highlighting is the streamlined conversation design in the canvas interface. You can now easily build and edit bots, visualise the bot conversation flow, and discover new and useful features as this update has removed a lot of menu items. We like how Salesforce pays close attention to creating a more user-friendly experience.



6. Better your bots with updates in ‘Einstein Analytics’

With Enhanced instrumentation in ‘Einstein Analytics’, you can evaluate your ability to engage users and discover helpful strategies with metrics and reports of Engaged Sessions. By evaluating the metrics, you can filter out the noise and focus on sessions where users are engaged.

Another pertinent feature in Einstein Analytics will allow you to assess the effectiveness of your bots by creating a “Generate Completed Goal Log”. In your bot, you’ll notice that a lot of its information isn’t always related to what the customer is looking for. This new functionality allows you to define your goals, like delivering an order status or a record request. The frequency with which your bot reaches these points can subsequently be used to evaluate its performance.

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