Bespoke payroll solution for facilities management business

The facilities management (FM) sector is a growing industry with a CAGR of 1.86% during 2021-2026, based on a report titled “UK Facility Management Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 – 2026)”. 

With more than £65 billion contribution to the British economy, facilities management service is rapidly growing in demand in various sectors like healthcare, education, government and military, commercial and residential properties, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and specialised industries. 

This makes the facilities management sector even more complicated as services providers have to deal with various responsibilities like cleaning and upkeeping, security and occupational health and safety, utility infrastructure maintenance, catering and vending services, contracts and recruitment management, procurement management, field service delivery, and adhering compliance with diverse regulations.

payroll for facilities management

What’s more, growth in the FM sector has direct HR and payroll implications. Currently, the facilities management industry accounts for more than 8% of the GDP while employing more than 10% of the UK’s workforce, according to a report by the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (formerly the British Institute of Facilities Management).

As its value is expected to reach more than £52 billion by 2026, the increasing demand for FM services translates into a rise in the industry workforce, contractors, and companies, making FM payroll management even more challenging in the future. As such, the HR and payroll departments in this sector face unique sets of challenges that need bespoke digital payroll solutions.  

Apps and solutions for payroll management in the FM sector, like SiriusPayroll365, can function as a single platform for payroll data centralisation and reporting, payroll calculations and payment management, and enabling remote timesheet tracking. 

With the use of technology, facility management service providers can drastically improve their payroll processes and employee experiences, gain real-time visibility, and tailor their systems to support their unique payroll needs.  

What’s the right solution for the facility management payroll challenges?  

Mitigating these facility management payroll challenges requires the digital transformation of HR and payroll using bespoke, cloud-based integrated solutions. These solutions are enablers of data consolidation and process automation that allow payroll managers to tackle all the payroll challenges of the facility management industry.  

Take our SiriusPayroll365, for instance. It is designed to put your payroll workflows on autopilot by automating a wide range of manual and cumbersome payroll tasks.   

Specifically, it streamlines tedious admin tasks like capturing employee timesheet data and processing complex payrolls, sending online payslips, and automating HMRC reporting and tax deductions. It centralises data, prevents duplication, and provides role-based access, multi-level approval, and real-time reporting. Additionally, with its Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Dynamics 365 Business Central integrations, payroll managers can invest more time in adding value and driving growth.  

Why use SiriusPayroll365 for your facility management payroll?

1. Manage payroll from one place  

Facilities management is typically a large-scale project that involves field staff of varying expertise and specialisation, admin and support staff in the office, and contracted agencies or people for outsourcing.

It also involves delivering the right service across multiple locations at varying hours and paying everyone on time, sometimes in multiple currencies. Tracking the attendance and performance of such a diverse workforce is definitely challenging.

And without a centralised system, which is customisable and automated to support unique payroll needs, facilities management companies can easily end up wasting time on admin tasks instead of driving productivity and growth.  

SiriusPayroll365 simplifies the payroll process and centralises employee data, giving you a single source of truth. That’s important for several reasons, such as accuracy, accessibility, and reporting. As an integrated HR and payroll solution, you can easily use this centralised data across multiple business systems for finance and HR.  

Whether you manage facilities across multiple locations and pay your employees in multiple currencies, SiriusPayroll365 offers easy tracking and currency conversions across several countries and regions.

If you have a mix of full-time and contracted workforce, this app also accounts for the varying pay rates and tax structures for multi-contract employment. Additionally, it considers relevant pay rates for different types of jobs, like overtime and holiday shifts, and even off-payroll payments, to ensure payroll accuracy without manual intervention.  

Moreover, it also provides self-service access to your employees, which allows them to view their payroll data and benefits and also update information. This saves everyone a lot of time and enhances employee experience and satisfaction. That goes a long way toward improving performance and motivation, reducing staff turnover, and saving costs.

2. Automate payroll management and processes

facilities management payroll
Automation: Payroll for Facilities Management

Managing payroll for facility management sectors can be draining in terms of both time and costs when processes are manual. Payroll workflows often involve repetitive tasks like routine onboarding staff in huge numbers, calculating payroll with accuracy while accounting for all applicable pay rates, pension contributions, and tax codes, sending bills and payslips, and more.

Then there’s compliance reporting, bank reconciliations, and tracking, processing, and reporting hundreds of timesheet data. Manual interventions in these areas of payroll increase not only the risk of duplication and error but also the operational cost for the business. 

SiriusPayroll365 automates most manual processes and streamlines facility management payroll. It handles payroll processes, like capturing timesheet data, calculating payroll, tracking different tax codes and applying deductions, filing tax and expense reports, and tracking leaves and absences.  

Additionally, you can automatically process payments for pensions for full-time staff, overtime, sickness, maternity, paternity, contracted hours, insurance claims, and fringe benefits. As a result, you will not only simplify your payroll processes but also take control of job costs, and your payroll staff can better focus on strategic tasks instead. 

3. Ensure compliance with multiple regulations

facilities management payroll
Compliance: Payroll for Facilities Management

Tax regulations in the UK are complex and dynamic, as are labour laws to ensure fair wages, accurate taxation, and mandatory employee benefits like pensions, holiday pay, maternity or paternity pay, and sick pay. Like all companies, FM businesses must also submit reports to HMRC routinely while adhering to constant changes in the tax codes and legislation.  

For instance, UK law requires companies to automatically enrol employees in a workplace pension scheme. They also need to make contributions to the employee pension plans and make appropriate deductions from the employees’ end depending on the type of pension scheme. 

Tracking all the varying payments and deductions for a large number of employees is not an easy task for even the most seasoned payroll manager. And late contributions or discrepancies can be legally damaging.  

Furthermore, facilities management companies must also comply with personnel and equipment safety standards, ensure financial transparency, enforce data and information security, and follow ethical business practices like accountability, inclusivity, and sustainability. 

SiriusPayroll365 can help with all that. It is an HMRC-recognised payroll application that automatically keeps up with ever-changing tax codes and regulations for employee benefits. Besides automatic updates, it also generates HMRC reports automatically so that you can save time and also ensure compliance with the Real Time Information (RTI) requirements, IR35 rules, and UK legislation. 

Its unified data provides a single source of truth, which eliminates errors and ensures real-time accuracy when it comes to tracking variable pay rates and taxes and performing complex payroll calculations. This also ensures financial and operational transparency and data security.

4. Provide out-of-the-box integrations   

facilities management payroll
Integrations: Payroll for Facilities Management

Some facility management businesses already use stand-alone systems for HR, payroll, or finance. But the stand-alone systems often work in silos, resulting in poor data-sharing and hindering cross-system features. 

They need expensive custom integrations with other core systems, which is critical these days for efficiency and productivity. Modern cloud-based payroll systems come with out-of-the-box integration capability with several leading solutions for finance and sales, making things easier for HR managers.  

SiriusPayroll365 is a cloud-based integrated payroll solution that brings your payroll, financial, and employee data together through seamless integrations with Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

It also supports custom APIs for integration with other applications. This unifies payroll, finance, and HR data and enables collaborative workflows, improving productivity and efficiency. 

Since it’s based on the cloud, you can have real-time visibility of your data and processes in a secure environment. In addition, you can provide role-based access to your employees at various decision-making levels for sequential approval and monitoring. 

Additionally, with a holistic view, you can unify your payroll and financial reporting for data-driven decision-making. This allows you to ensure better control over payroll costs and improve service quality, boosting your reputation in the market. 

5. Ensure flexibility, scalability, and affordability  

With manual processes and stand-alone payroll solutions, facilities management companies cannot upscale or downscale their employees flexibly. Since it is a growing industry with fluctuating seasonal demand, managing an adequate workforce is the key to timely service delivery, customer satisfaction, and business growth.  

Besides that, it is in the best interest of the FM companies to have a better financial position through proper control over their payroll costs. They must also keep the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their payroll solution low while ensuring inexpensive customisations, quick deployment, and affordable licensing costs. 

SiriusPayroll365 is a cloud-based application with easy customisability and flexible scalability to ensure agility and sustainability in changing markets while keeping operating costs low. Adding more users in SiriusPayroll365 is also quite affordable at £1 per user per month, so you don’t have to worry about costs when you want to upscale or downscale your workforce.   

What’s more, it also helps facilities management businesses save on licensing costs and improve ROI. SiriusPayroll365 does not require additional Business Central or Human Resources licences for its users.

It works on top of these systems and incurs no extra costs besides user subscription fees. So, in addition to its cost-savings through process automation and operational efficiency, SiriusPayroll365 also helps you save on licensing costs, thus, providing greater ROI.  

Additionally, it offers easy customisations and configurations. This makes aligning the functionalities and features of SiriusPayroll365 with your business needs quite easy. No matter how unique your payroll needs are, you can configure and customise all areas of this application.

From fields and data types and multi-currency, multi-location payroll information to approval and reporting requirements, SiriusPayroll365 covers every unique payroll need of facility management companies.  

Furthermore, with SiriusPayroll365, you also receive uninterrupted technical support. This ensures a fluid transition into and operation of this payroll solution.  

About Dogma Group  

We are your trusted advisors when it comes to fluid payroll transformation for your facility management business. SiriusPayroll365 is a future-forward application that ensures future-proofing with simplicity and affordability while offering seamless cross-system connectivity, process automation, and better control of your payroll costs.  

Payroll solution for Facilities Management Sector



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