Artificial Intelligence is no longer a futuristic technology; it’s already mainstream! Data volumes are doubling every 18 months, the winners are using AI to spot the trends, issues, and make suggestions on how to improve their business. This is not the future, it’s not the ‘rise of the robots’ – it’s here now & being used by business and others.  

Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics 365 (embedded intelligence) and Salesforce (Einstein) increase productivity and help you grow through advanced insight. We at Dogma Group help you transform your business through the AI technologies of today so you will be ready for tomorrow.  As a CRM and ERP specialist, we use our technical expertise and proven project skills to focus on real outcomes.  

According to a recent Forbes Insights survey of 300-plus executives, 95% believe that AI will transform their organisation. The most significant business benefits corporate leaders see from Artificial Intelligence include:

Most significant business benefits of AI

Let’s dive into some of the business benefits you can derive from AI: 

1. Better Business Decisions with AI based Analytics

Make well informed, data-driven decisions with AI based analytics. Continuously analyse customer interaction, activities, meetings, and communications with Relationship Insights and leverage Microsoft’s Power BI to explore your data in a variety of graphical visualizations, including charts, graphs, or scatter diagrams. Likewise, analyse big data and customer interactions to generate new options and get a 360-degree view of your customers. 


2. Improve Productivity through AI

According to McKinsey, 45% of the activities done by humans could be automated with technology. How could this benefit your organisation’s efficiencies? AI being built into Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and into Salesforce, improves existing resources and provides insight that human eyes alone might miss. Moreover, introducing AI can also lead to smoother workflows, improved work quality, and increased reliability.

Improve Productivity through AI

3. Increase Customer Demand and Improve Marketing Results

Incorporating AI into sales and marketing will help your business in many ways. AI-based applications can customize the sales and marketing information depending upon your consumers. Create Customer Journey and Cross-Sell/Up-sell, as product suggestions are available for a product line item where product relationships have been defined.

Create Customer Journey and Cross-Sell/Up-Sell

4. Prioritise the Best Leads & Opportunities, and Win more Deals

Increase conversion rates by using machine learning to prioritise leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood to convert. Lead Scoring- can score and grade all leads automatically based on behavior-tracking data, lead configuration and other behavior defined in lead scoring models. Likewise, you can also recommend products to your customer using the likes of Cortana Intelligence Suite that suggests additional items personalised to your customers. 

Prioritise the best leads and opportunities
Predictive Lead Scoring

5. Automate your Operations with Predictive Sales & Inventory Forecast

Get a holistic view of inventory and optimize your supply chain with products such as Dynamics 365 for Business Central. Predict potential sales using historical data and get a clear overview of expected stock-outs. Maintain the right amount of inventory by automatically calculating stock levels, lead times, and reorder points to meet customer demands and save time. 


6. Earn Customers for Life and Deliver Positive Customer Experiences

Today 63% of people prefer to message a chat bot vs. talk with a human when communicating with a business. AI chatbots is a boon for businesses in this digital era- keeping the customer engaged and solving their queries promptly in a highly efficient manner. All in all, provide exceptional customer service with intelligent virtual agents and enable your customer service team to enhance service with AI-driven insights. 

Virtual Agent for Customer Service

To sum up, seeing the importance of AI is one thing; weaving it into a business successfully is another. At Dogma Group our services go beyond traditional automation to build deeper relationships with embedded intelligence, helping you turn relationships into revenue. We believe in making AI accessible to everyone by transforming your growing volume of data into intelligent insights! 

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Author: Barsha Shrestha


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