Changes to New Common Data Service Storage Capacity

The recent pandemic has urged numerous organisations to advance their digital transformation journey. This has exponentially increased the amount of data businesses needs to store in the cloud. Along with this, data storage solutions need to evolve to support the growing needs of today’s organisations.

Microsoft is rolling out new features and making changes to its database storage licensing models to support the needs of modern organisations. The new storage model replaces the 10GB default tenant limit, with three elements covering storage in the CDS (Common Data Service):

Common Data Service for Apps Database Capacity 

  • Storage for entity definitions and record data 

Common Data Service for Apps File Capacity 

  • Storage for attachments on emails and notes in Dynamics 365 apps and Power Apps (word files, image files, pdf, spreadsheets, videos, and other files) 

Common Data Service for Apps Log Capacity 

  • Storage capacity for audit logs to track record and attribute data change (includes updates of field values, security roles, and date/time of access) 

How much storage do you get with Dynamics 365 and what happens if it is exceeded?

 Default Storage Capacity Additional Storage Entitlements Will Accrue Per User at: 
CDS for Apps Database 10 GB @ 250 MB per user 
CDS for Apps File 20 GB @ 2 GB per user 
CDS for Apps Log Capacity 2 GB N/A 

Microsoft is making changes for what happens when an organisation exceeds its storage capacity. Currently, if a client exceeds their storage capacity, Microsoft sends them an alert which can be seen in the Power Platform admin centre. In the future, certain admin operations will no longer be available when a tenant exceeds storage capacity entitlements.

If a user exceeds any of their entitled storage limits, they should free up storage, delete unwanted environment, or simply buy Additional Storage capacity to be compliant with storage usage.

How much does additional storage cost?

Administrators can view a detailed usage of their current storage and capacity entitlements in the Power Platform Admin Centre. Admins will receive a notification if the storage limit is exceeded or approached. Here’s how much additional capacity costs:

 Additional Cost 
CDS for Apps Database @ £30.20/GB 
CDS for Apps File @ £1.50/GB 
CDS for Apps Log Capacity @ £7.50/GB 

Will it impact you?

If your organisation is billed under the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) or Web Direct, you will be migrated to the new model when the current agreement expires.

If your organisation purchased storage in or after April 2019, you’ll see your storage capacity entitlement as it appears in the Power Platform Admin centre today.

Still have concerns regarding your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Database Storage and how to manage this? Then talk to one of our experts who can help you with your queries.

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