For the 2022 Dynamics 365-second release, Dynamics 365 Sales offers several new updates sure to delight customers.

Microsoft introduces massive new features and other critical small enhancements that can significantly improve sales efficiency and productivity.

Building on the improvements of the first release of 2022, Dynamics 365 is now more optimised for sellers. They will now receive live suggestions for better performance and improved sales. Data will also be presented to team members where they work while providing them options for better collaboration.
The feature updates also bring a consistent and convenient automation experience across Dynamics 365 Marketing customer journey orchestration and Dynamics 365 Sales sequences. The aim is to help sellers engage more efficiently and focus their time on building customer and team relationships.

Below, we list some of the major Sales module features that will impact your sales process most.

1. Track progress using the seller dashboard

Sellers must be constantly aware of the status of multiple activities and conversations across multiple channels.

With the planned updates, Dynamics 365 provides sellers with progress highlights and insights on their dashboards. The dashboard lets sellers monitor their progress compared to set targets throughout the day. They can then use the data to focus on the right outcomes and exceed their sales targets. In addition, you can get a clear picture of all activities, relationships and conversations. Administrators can also manage permissions required to access the seller dashboard.

In essence, you can manage relationships and calibrate sales activities at any given time easily and efficiently.

General Availability: December 2022

2. Get tips and suggestions while on a call with customer

Lots of customer queries can be overwhelming for a salesperson during a call. In this case, Microsoft is trying to make remote selling more powerful than face-to-face selling. And this is considered as one of the significant updates in this edition. The sellers will be able to instantly receive information on what to say when a sales conversation becomes difficult.

This is because of a newly introduced AI-driven insights and customer intelligence functionality for the Sales call and Teams meeting with a customer.

This feature will improve the success of remote calls as the sales team can get real-time contextual suggestions and tips that eventually help close the deal.

General Availability: March 2023

3. Use mention to find and share Dynamics 365 records in emails, chats

Since the @mentioned function was introduced, communicating with a particular person in the virtual platform has been easier and quicker. And thanks to Microsoft, you can now use the @symbol to mention and discover Dynamics 365 records in email and chat, such as customer information or other pertinent sales data, in the same way, you insert references to specific persons.

Dynamics 365 Sales Release Wave 2- Outlook mention

With the suggestions based on recent data, you can collaborate on Dynamics 365 records you are currently focusing on and use it to add relevant customer data into Outlook emails and Teams chats.

Dynamics 365 Sales Release 2022 Wave 2 -Teams mention

General Availability: NA

4. Try an enhanced sequence creation experience with a new designer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has undergone another intriguing upgrade that enables you to set up sequences to develop and execute successful sales strategies by utilising sales accelerator and process automation.

The functionality ensures a consistent and convenient automation experience across Dynamics 365 Marketing customer journey orchestration and Dynamics 365 Sales sequences.

Dynamics 365 Sales Release 2022 Wave 2- sequence creation experience

Apart from that, this update will give you an improved user experience along with features of the sequence designer during sequence configuration.

General Availability: October 2022

5. Incorporate repeated tasks in sequences with loops and exit criteria

Sales can be a lengthy and a complicated process of building relationships with clients before finalising a deal. At times, sellers might be required to perform repeated tasks to move the conversation forward.
This new Dynamics 365 feature will allow sales managers to create a loop of steps within the main sequence.

This loop can keep repeating itself until specified exit criteria have been met. For instance, you can create a loop to follow up every week with a potential client until they are converted or a certain number of attempts are completed.

Dynamics 365 Sales Release 2022 Wave 2-Sequences with loop and exit criteria

With exit criteria, instead of continuously pursuing dead-end leads, sellers will be able to know when to stop and move on to more fruitful leads.

General Availability: March 2023

6. A single deal room for all critical information

Bringing in different team members across the sales process is vital in sales conversion. Dynamics 365 and Teams have been closely integrated to provide the sales team with a seamless platform for collaboration. For example, sellers can directly start chats with team members when a deal is locked. Similarly, this new feature automatically creates a deal room within a Teams channel when an opportunity is created.

The deal room provides critical information, such as client information, activity coordination, and recommendations, required by team members to work on the deal on a single pane without needing to leave their chats.

General Availability: NA

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