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The Covid-19 crisis has redefined any previous notion of what constitutes a ‘normal’ business environment. In a new world where change is the only constant, business continuity and resilience is the number one priority for the majority for most business leaders.Organisations that do not future-proof themselves now, will not be able to emerge from survival mode and respond to market challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

With more uncertainty ahead, ensuring your people are enabled to work remotely and maintaining a strong cash-flow are so important; which is where a modern, cloud-enabled ERP such as Microsoft Business Central can really pay dividends. Here’s how:

1. Make better, more informed decisions with accurate real-time cash flow forecasting

Dynamics 365 helps you understand everything that is going on in your business. Keep track of when customers need to pay you or how long can you defer payments to your suppliers. Likewise, easily gain financial visibility as to whether you have adequate working capital, cash for salaries, expenses, and more. This is especially important if your organisation is adjusting to new working structures, such as remote working, or operating with fewer resources.


2. Get 24/7 access to your business information with an ERP that is fully cloud-hosted, browser-based, and available on mobile

Is your back office and operations staff office-based, or your organisation stuck with an on-premise system? If so, you must be facing significant business disruption with the government enforced lockdowns and self-isolation.

Cloud ERP can keep your team up and running like a well-oiled machine! Dynamics 365 Business Central does not need a computer, a server, or an office. Even if your operational staff can’t work from home, your back office resources surely can. Business Central is cloud-based so, you will save on setup costs and IT resources. This is crucial when minimising costs is so important!

Moreover, a fully integrated cloud system means your employees’ productivity is no longer dependent on a rigid schedule. Take your business on the go as your team can log in to the system from their home and have 24/7 access to data at times, they need the most!


Implementation costs can be a concern. But, with our Business Central quick-start package, we can help you get up and running in under two weeks and still stay on your budget! Get an estimate of the cost of your implementation today by calling us on 01296328689 or emailing

3. Get high-quality, advanced reporting with Power BI & Cortana Intelligence

Can’t get accurate reporting data or, are you forced to make decisions based on erroneous data?

With a modern ERP like Business Central, you get real-time insights, in-depth reporting, and tailored dashboards. Your employees are now able to drill down into specific accounts to identify drivers, indicators, and metrics such as where are costs the highest, which items are most lucrative, and which product/service lines should you continue or drop. This is nearly impossible to uncover with an outdated system!

Business Central natively connects to Power BI so you can get better quality reporting! By using embedded “Power BI” option and AI-powered “Cortana Intelligence” in Business Central, you can easily analyse historical data, export reports in multiple formats, and make smarter decisions in managing your stocks, accounts payables/receivables, and respond promptly to your customers. This could be an important factor during tough times!

Business Central

4. Reduced manual processes to make more of your existing staff

There is no point in having documents lying on a desk, waiting for approval if your stakeholders are all self-isolating. Move to Business Central and get your approvals and invoices moved to the cloud, web-based and digital.

Today, when everything must connect, working with siloed systems will only result in time wasted in manual processes. Business Central covers every aspect of your business process — from marketing, sales, service, operations, to finance — and gives a full view of your business, allowing you to make smarter decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

For example, when you process a sales order, the sales data is recorded in the sales system, the stock-out is recorded in the inventory management system, and invoice details are entered in the finance system for billing. You get a holistic picture of your business process even while working remotely!

5. Collaborate seamlessly as Business Central integrates with other applications making work easier

Using software applications that aren’t compatible with each other will only put you at a risk of having duplicate or outdated data. You may even need to pay additional costs for future integrations.  Business Central allows you to get a full view of your business with data moving seamlessly across applications. It integrates with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, LinkedIn, and more. This means your teams can stay safe, at home, but the business can keep running!

Business Central ERP

Likewise, functions like payroll, banking, and CRM systems are just as integrated, so your people can share the most current data and respond to customer requests faster with the most precise information.

What’s Next? 

Armed with the right technology, you can emerge from this crisis much stronger. Why not utilise this time and get a new ERP system sorted out? Besides, you could be live before this whole thing blows over!

Need to get up and running quickly? Our quick-start Dynamics 365 implementation packages are designed to get your business started with the essential modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in as little as two weeks and with no business downtime.

At Dogma Group, we work with you to carefully monitor your finances and prioritise your project requirements, therefore helping you stay on your budget. Contact us today on 01296 328 289 or request a call back for a no-obligation consultation.


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