For the 2022 Dynamics 365 first release, Dynamics 365 Sales power packs interesting new updates. It will make the selected Dynamics 365 Sales Premium features available to the customers with the Enterprise license.

The Sales Hub is now available and preinstalled in all the existing and new environments with enhanced conversation intelligence for agents to discover intelligent insights at the right time, capture and link phone calls, flexibility to assign attributes to improve predictive scoring in forecasting and pipeline intelligence and more!

“Sales is the hardest, yet easiest job in the world.” Though this notion sounds like a “moot” point, we believe that sales should not be that hard. The fundamental shift in the consumers’ pattern of how they are preferring digital channels rather than direct contact has somehow made the sales process a bit more challenging, which Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Sales solution that continuously improves, year after year, best understands.

Awarded as, “The Leader in the Sales Force Automation Solutions Wave for Q2, 2021 by The Forrester Wave,” the adaptive and rapidly evolving selling solution is back again with new and improved enhancements for the 2022 new release.

In this blog, we have picked out our top six interesting and noteworthy Sales features that will be a game-changer in transforming your entire sales process! Click here for more detailed information on the latest Sales release notes.

1. Conversation Intelligence to better capture customer interactions

Conversation Intelligence, along with the other Sales Insights tools, has gained popularity among our clients. In the new release, conversation intelligence incorporates coaching dashboards from Sales Insights, which can be accessed via a separate portal, helping agents get the right insight, at the right time, at the right place, particularly in the seller’s workflow where he/she is engaged the most — all in the app when needed. It will also provide in-app notifications and emails to ensure real-time insights review.

microsoft dynamics 365 sales 2022

A powerful search and filter toolset over conversation intelligence and Dynamics 365 rich data will help sales agents and managers extract information out of the conversation from the call recordings and further collaborate easily and take required actions, with the ability to add comments in the call transcripts.

2. New and improved Sales Mobile App

With this new enhancement, sales agents will be able to capture phone calls and link them to Dynamics365 Sales mobile apps. They can use their contacts and address book on their sales app and get that improved user experience with linked outlook.

With this, sending emails from the app using templates and so on will also be vastly improved, reducing the amount of manual work and the switch between apps when composing emails. Now, if sales agents get calls on their mobile phones, the Dynamics app would know about it instantly as they can easily log calls from their mobile phone’s recent calls.

Another interesting update is having the ability to use phone cameras to intelligently extract customers’ information, particularly from business cards with the help of a scanner.

3. Unified Timeline

This is something exciting for all our customers who have frequently talked about this feature and finally, it is here and live! This perfect unification of sales and marketing operations without any customisations will streamline your sales and marketing processes, helping sales agents see all the interactions in a single, consolidated timeline view.

It combines the standard D365 activity data with marketing interactions for better view and insights.


microsoft dynamics 365 sales 2022

Using the filterable timeline, sales agents and marketers will be able to see marketing emails sent to a certain contact. The entire specifics for the new function, which will be accessible in June.

4. Enhance Digital Selling with Preinstalled Sales Hub and License offers

Digital selling offerings will now allow the admins with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licenses to experience the best of Sales accelerator, Conversation Intelligence, Predictive Scoring (all being previously limited to Premium license users only) and Sales Hub pre-installed version in production.


microsoft dynamics 365 sales 2022


Conversation intelligence, sales accelerator, and predictive scoring for lead and opportunity leverage cutting-edge AI to help agents prioritise their worklist, provide real-time analysis during calls, automate action notifications, and programmatically generate meeting summaries. With this, agents can gain insights, reduce information silos, manual efforts, and improve data quality to make better sales decisions.

5. Improved Forecasting and Pipeline Intelligence to better manage pipeline’s health

With the new release, sales agents can now assign sales stages to each attribute based on relevancy to improve the predictive score, helping the admins in assigning attributes to the right sales stages.

For instance, while predicting the success of any opportunity, defining attributes such as prospect’s budget and timeframe seems important, however, as the sales process progresses, other attributes such as response, number of stakeholders and so on may become more important, and defining such can make your predictive AI more accurate by setting unique scoring criteria, offering you clarity over scores.


microsoft dynamics 365 sales 2022

Businesses are often required to access many sources for quota information while preparing for a future sales cycle, which might be challenging to pull into the forecast module all at once. In the new release, your sales team members with the most up-to-date information can now alter quotas and basic columns inline, and easily update sales predictions in no time!

Another interesting update is now sales agents can use the toggle column-level filter to quickly access and update the right opportunities as and when needed. They can monitor the delayed or stagnated deals, comparing the days and stages to make strategies and steps to move the deal ahead.

6. Facilitate Efficient Client Engagement with Sales Accelerator

Now understand your customers’ needs and responses with in-depth insights to facilitate more engagement with enhancements in Sales Accelerator. Features include sales agents being able to see the sales accelerator side map entry, detailed worklist cards, which will have more relevant information for each scenario. For instance, an opportunity will have title information while a contact will have role information.


microsoft dynamics 365 sales 2022

Moreover, the Sales accelerator leverages cutting edge AI-based models that will filter out junk data, like leads with incorrect email addresses, no contact information, or substandard quality data, and help sales agents focus on the right customers.

What’s Next?

Want to get more insights on the key enhancements across the different modules? Check out our blog: Highlights from the 2022 First Release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform.



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