Businesses are increasingly recognising the significance of cybersecurity in their operations. As the market for cybersecurity grows, becoming a leader in this space opens new business opportunities. By prioritising cybersecurity and working together, you can build a strong defence against cyber threats and ensure a secure digital environment for your customers. 

1. Creating a Safer Digital World for Everyone 

Microsoft is making significant investments in security R&D to support organisations in customer engagements, enablement, ISV success, and the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. Over the past year, they have introduced 300+ innovations to strengthen their security strategy.  

Microsoft offers a family of industry-leading products. Defender provides advanced threat protection, Sentinel offers intelligent security analytics, Entra ensures secure access for everyone, and Purview delivers unified data governance across on-premise, multi-cloud, and fast data environments. Also, the company is taking a giant leap forward with the security copilot, combining AI with unique security-specific models to address threats. 

The 2023 Microsoft Inspire event highlighted Microsoft’s dual approach to digital security: zero trust and cyber resilience. The zero-trust model emphasises a never trust, always verify mantra, prioritising authentication, limited user access, and segmentation. On the other hand, cyber resilience entails a well-tested incident response plan, regular data backup, continuous employee training, and a culture of security responsibility. 

2. Empowering Security Practices with Microsoft’s Security Solutions 

Protect your data space with Microsoft’s innovative security products and managed services. Their strong commitment to cybersecurity was reflected in the array of innovations unveiled at this year’s Inspire event. Mobile threat defence is now generally available in standalone Defender for Business and Business Premium, that too without the need for an Intune licence. In addition, the monthly security reports offer an overview of defender actions, threats prevented, and security status, showcasing the efficacy of your security services. 

Microsoft Defender goes beyond traditional antivirus solutions, offering comprehensive protection against known and emerging threats. It enables you to build your own Security Operations Centre (SOC). And that’s not all; the integration with Blackpoint Cyber’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution empowers your IT teams to collaborate with expert SOC professionals. These combined offerings ensure a proactive approach to cybersecurity, strengthening your organisation’s resilience against evolving threats. 

3. Announcing Security Copilot Early Access Fall 2023 

After its initial launch in March 2023, Microsoft has announced that the Security Copilot Early Access will be available this Fall 2023. This exciting program welcomes more customers to experience the potential of one of the industry’s first generative AI products. Customers using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will receive priority for participation, while Microsoft Sentinel users can also enjoy additional benefits.  

Security Copilot is an empowering catalyst for Microsoft’s security products, boosting the capabilities of Microsoft Defender, Sentinel, and Intune. This specialised copilot swiftly summarises incidents, assesses their impact in real-time, guides through response procedures, and simplifies reporting and visualisation. Even advanced tasks like malware reverse engineering are now accessible to all. With Security Copilot, you can empower your entire organisation and elevate your efficiency. 

The integration of leading XDR (Extended Detection and Response) capabilities from Microsoft Defender and Sentinel empowers the copilot to supercharge threat detection, investigation, remediation, and defence. This provides your customers with comprehensive protection and reduces the workload on the security operations centre. 

4. Establishing a Data Protection Strategy with Microsoft Purview 

As your data lake expands, issues with data privacy, compliance regulations, technology misconfiguration, data sprawl, access control, and ransomware become critical concerns. Microsoft Purview offers data governance services to help you discover, classify, and manage data across their data estate. It offers data insights, assesses data quality, reveals data lineage and flow, and enforces data protection and compliance policies.

Purview automatically scans and catalogues data from various sources, simplifying the discovery of relevant data assets. Its data map visualises data relationships and dependencies. It further includes a classification system to identify and label sensitive information, enhancing data protection. Additionally, Purview offers data loss prevention for cloud, endpoint, non-Microsoft applications, and on-premise repositories. Purview’s Insider Risk Management detects potential risks by analysing your employees’ behaviour patterns. This ensures that there are no data leaks or unauthorised access to your data. 

With Purview’s Data Life Cycle and Records Management, you can modernise data retention and disposition schedules. Which involves retaining them based on their importance or disposing of them once their retention period is over.  

Purview seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, Azure, Power BI, and Azure Synapse Analytics, providing a cohesive data management ecosystem. 

Discover More Possibilities 

For further in-depth insights into the highlights of this year’s Microsoft Inspire event, do follow our blogs. Engage in the security conversation with Dogma’s experts, and explore how Microsoft’s extensive security solutions can assist you in developing a future-ready plan. 


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