Only a day left until the highly anticipated Microsoft Inspire 2023 kicks off! And we are so excited to bring you all the highlights of the events that can help you embrace your digital imperative. There are major expectations regarding the AI and security, apart from others. But first, a quick preview! 

Inspire is an annual event, which embodies Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to fostering organisational growth and elevating their capabilities using technology. So, brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as the software giant unveils new offerings, products, pricing, incentives, and a commerce experience—all designed for business success.  

But with so many sessions scheduled, you may miss out on the key updates that may benefit you. So, allow us to track all the major announcements and keep you updated as the event transpires on 18 and 19 July. 

What is Microsoft Inspire? 

Microsoft Inspire is an annual Microsoft event that brings together its partners and customers to celebrate each other’s successes and explore new areas for innovation and growth. It serves as a platform for you to connect, collaborate, and gain valuable insights into the latest technologies, strategies, and opportunities within the Microsoft community.  

During Microsoft Inspire, you can attend various sessions, workshops, and keynotes that cover a wide range of topics. Additionally, it offers ample networking opportunities for you to connect with like-minded professionals, share best practices, and foster strategic partnerships. It’s a must-attend event for those looking to unlock new transformative opportunities, accelerate success, and stay at the forefront of the industry, leveraging Microsoft’s vast ecosystem. 

What Can You Expect from Inspire 2023? 

Microsoft has structured this year’s Inspire around three key themes: 

  • Accelerate AI transformation with Microsoft: New opportunities with AI, new AI products updates including Copilot, and success stories 
  • Drive customer success together: Specific sales plays aligned to the cloud solution areas and industries 
  • Fuel business growth and profitability: Ways to unlock full potential of Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, the latest offerings, and benefits to drive business success 

Microsoft Inspire, this year, will feature more than 140 sessions across six key topics that will focus on AI-enabled capabilities and benefits. These topics include Solution areas, Industry, Partner Business, Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP), Marketplace, and Inclusive Growth.  

Each Inspire session aims to empower you with knowledge, tools, and resources to drive digital imperative, expand your business, and deliver exceptional value to your customers.  

To explore relevant sessions and contents, you can use the session catalogue here. 

Alternatively, you can get a quick overview of what is available across each topic area below. Stay tuned as we’ll cover them on details on our blog series! 

Solution Area 


Inclusive Growth 

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program 


Need more from Microsoft Inspire 2023? 

Microsoft Inspire features multiple sessions covering several key topic areas. So, soaking up every bit of key information can be tricky! That is precisely why your trusted advisors here at Dogma will attend all major sessions and track all beneficial updates for you and your business in our upcoming blogs. 

We will bring you exclusive coverage of MS Inspire 2023 so be prepared to dive deep into the event’s highlights and key takeaways, including updates on Copilot and security enhancements. Stay with us as we help you unlock new possibilities and embark on a fluid transformative journey like no other!  


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