Optimise and enhance your frontline productivity with Field Service Management by Salesforce Service Cloud. Manage your workforce, territories, and appointments with ease, all in one place. Experience a new level of efficiency and productivity with the latest features from the Salesforce Spring Release ’23, and transform your field service business for an enhanced customer experience. 

1. Enhanced Remote Working Experience Using Lightning Web Components 

Your trusted mobile app can now be customised effortlessly to suit your mobile needs. The app offers more offline-capable functionalities powered with Lightning web components that are bound to improve your productivity. With a user-friendly, customisable interface, you can easily collect data, create guided processes to help your mobile workforce, save content for offline use, and access any specific data and calculated metrics from the dashboard on your mobile device.  

In addition, the app enables field workers to self-assign appointments based on location. They can use various drawing tools to add images and notes to their work orders with ease and swiftly locate nearby records using the Find Nearby feature. Plus, they can reschedule appointments with customers directly from the app, saving time and improving work efficiency. 

Enhanced Remote Working Experience in Salesforce Field Service Spring 2023
Enhanced Remote Working Experience

2. Optimised Scheduling of Resources for Enhanced Service Delivery

Salesforce Service Cloud’s Enhanced Scheduling and Optimisation is the answer to your efficient business resource management and enhanced customer experience needs. You can simplify multi-day scheduling for your field workers with the help of drag-and-drop settings, quick actions and other tools. With the option to relocate your resources to areas of higher demand during specific dates, you can manage your resources effectively and ensure your agents aren’t overbooked beyond capacity.  

Free up more of your mobile workers’ time with Service Appointment Sliding, available exclusively in Enhanced Scheduling and Optimisation. The feature allows service appointments with dependencies on the Gantt to be rescheduled as per the workers’ availability. By reducing gaps in schedules, you can offer longer service appointments, faster compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and also increase the availability of time slots for more assignments.   

Starting from this release, you can create Same Start dependency for up to five service appointments, which was previously limited to two. Same start dependency lets field workers start their appointments simultaneously with other workers who have dependencies on the same resource, maybe a tool or equipment. And in case of unforeseen delays, the system can automatically adjust the start times for the other appointments, notifying the workers and ensuring that all five can start simultaneously. This can lead to greater efficiency in resource management, better customer service, and cost savings. 

Salesforce Field Service Optimised Scheduling of Resources
Optimised Scheduling of Resources

3. Enhanced Productivity 

Your Salesforce Field Service mobile app gets even better with this release. With new, improved ergonomics and a neatly optimised workspace, managing your business needs has never been easier. The enhanced functionalities enable easy multitasking for your field workers, like using the split-screen feature (for iPad users) to navigate between multiple apps. The app even gets you offline access to primed records directly (without using the Mobile Extension Toolkit), which are usually very helpful in effectively communicating ideas to customers through images or other presentation tools, even while on-site. And before heading out for appointments, be sure to check the app and clear your inventory of unavailable products to avoid confusion and save time. 

Salesforce Field Service Spring Release 2023-Enhanced Productivity
Enhanced Productivity 1
Enhanced Productivity in Salesforce Field Service Spring Release 2023
Enhanced Productivity 2

4. Provide Guided Directions to Your Mobile Workers (Pilot) 

Setting up a dedicated feature in the app to assist your mobile workers allows you to provide timely guidance, which can greatly enhance their work efficiency. Especially when they are arriving at or leaving appointment sites. For instance, when they reach a certain location, the feature can instantly prompt them to perform a site arrival checklist to ensure they have all the required information for the task at hand. The guided process surely helps increase productivity and is also an assurance that all necessary steps are taken to meet customer expectations. 

Guided Direction for Mobile Workers

5. Improved Self-service Experience for Your Customers 

Enhance your customers’ self-service experience and simplify ways they can manage their appointments. Your customers will be able to effortlessly cancel or reschedule their appointments. The field worker will promptly receive notification on the updated schedule, even if they are already en route. Additionally, customers can also modify their addresses when confirming appointments. 

Improved Self-service Experience for Your Customers in Field Service - Salesforce Spring Release
Improved Self-service Experience for Your Customers

What’s Next?  

Upgrade your field service business with the new Salesforce Spring 2023 release for a seamless and efficient field service experience for you and your customers. Meanwhile, you can also check out our Salesforce Spring ’23 highlights blog here.

Salesforce Field Service Experts
Salesforce Field Service Experts

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