Prepare for the Future as InfoPath Nears its End 

Are you a trailblazer who’s been harnessing the potential of Microsoft’s InfoPath to create impactful forms and streamline your business processes? If so, you’ve likely encountered both the power and limitations of this tool. However, the winds of change are blowing, and it’s time to steer your ship towards the future with Microsoft Power Apps as InfoPath is reaching its end of life by July 14, 2026, as indicated by Microsoft’s Lifecycle Policy. In this article, we’ll explore how Power Apps can revolutionise the way you create forms, enhance user experiences, and deliver business solutions. 

The Power of Power Apps: A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Solutions 


If you’re well-acquainted with InfoPath, you’re no stranger to its capabilities in constructing efficient forms and collecting data. However, like any technology, InfoPath carries its limitations – the “classic” interface, mobile device compatibility, and concerns over future viability. It’s here that Power Apps emerges as the harbinger of change, addressing these challenges and beyond. 

1. Embracing the Future: Key Advantages of Power Apps over InfoPath 

Picture this: your customised InfoPath forms, but with a modern twist. Power Apps addresses some of the limitations you’ve encountered with InfoPath. The “classic” feel is replaced by dynamic, mobile-friendly designs that work seamlessly across devices. Worried about future viability? Power Apps, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, ensures your forms remain relevant by enabling quick deployment to various platforms, including the web, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Teams, Power BI, and mobile devices. 

No longer confined to a single data source, Power Apps empowers you to connect with over 275 connectors, spanning on-premises and cloud data. Microsoft services like Office 365 and Azure seamlessly integrate, and you can even connect to popular third-party services like Dropbox, Google, Salesforce, and more. 

2. Power Apps and SharePoint: Elevating Synergy 

If SharePoint is your playground for data and collaboration, Power Apps takes your experience to a whole new level. Customise forms for your lists or build standalone apps using SharePoint data. The options are as diverse as the industries you serve. 

By customizing list forms, you enhance how users interact with SharePoint data. Say goodbye to pedestrian forms; Power Apps brings customization and business logic to the forefront. Alternatively, create standalone apps that operate independently or within SharePoint pages. It’s all about choice and tailoring your solutions to fit your needs. 

3. Enriching Mobile Experiences 

Mobile devices are the cornerstone of modern business, and Power Apps empowers you to harness their capabilities. Leverage features like the camera, compass, and location data seamlessly within your apps, all without the need for extra coding. Touch functionality is innate, making user interactions a breeze. 

4. Building Bridges: Connectors and Integration 

Power Apps is more than a singular entity; it’s a gateway to a vast ecosystem. Free yourself from the shackles of single data sources; embrace over 275 connectors spanning on-premises and cloud data. This array includes Microsoft’s own Office 365 and Azure services, alongside a plethora of third-party services such as Dropbox, Google, Salesforce, and more. 


5. Automation: Power Apps and Power Automate 

Businesses thrive on efficiency, and Power Apps acknowledges this need. Enter Power Automate, a partner in streamlining processes across 200+ services. Seamlessly integrate apps and services, eliminating manual steps and ushering in an era of automation and productivity. 

Power App-Automate

6. Modern Approaches: Variables, Cascading Dropdowns, and More 

Flexibility is a hallmark of Power Apps. Variables evolve from conventional constructs, adapting to your requirements. Cascading dropdowns enrich user experiences, ensuring seamless interactions that dynamically adapt based on prior selections. 

What’s Next: A Journey Unfolds with Power Apps 

As InfoPath gracefully bows out, Power Apps takes the spotlight. It’s not just about upgrading forms; it’s about transcending boundaries and embracing innovation. The realm of data collection and business solutions is evolving, and Power Apps is your vehicle to navigate this transformation. 

Step into the future, where adaptability, connectivity, and ingenuity converge. In a world where technology is your canvas, Power Apps is your brush, painting solutions that are efficient, user-centric, and technologically advanced. Welcome to the age of Power Apps, where the possibilities are endless, and the potential is boundless. 


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