Part one: Getting started…

XRMToolbox is a Windows application that connects to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing tools to ease customisation and configuration tasks. It is free to use software developed by MscrmTools. 

What is XRMToolbox? To put it in a simple way, it is a must have tool for all CRM Consultants/Developers working on a project. What is so special about this?

As the name suggests, it is a collection of over 50 separate tools bundled together in a single windows application. This application was conceived and built by MscrmTools, otherwise known as Tanguy Touzard (Dynamics CRM Technical Consultant –  MVP).

Here are some of the popular tools in XRM Toolbox:

Web Resource Manager

Manage your web resources easily

SiteMap Editor

Allows complete customization of the CRM sitemap (Do I really need the Sales Area? Nope? Then I can disable or remove it.)

View Layout Replicator

Views are always required to be customized and created when building the custom entities. This tool allows you to copy the columns from the system or your personal views and implement it into the selected target (Views).

Attribute Editor

This tool allows you to create, update and delete the field using the excel template.

FetchXML Builder

This tool allows the developers and customisers to create queries for views, reports and code. It also includes the possibility to execute the queries to verify the results in various formats.

Attribute Bulk Updater

This tool allows you to update some properties of attribute in bulk. The properties handled are “Valid for Advanced Find”, “Valid for Audit”, and “Requirement Level”. There are many other useful tools which can be used.  I will provide detailed information regarding the most useful tool in my later blog and with it, the detailed description about each tool to be used.

Below is the screenshot of the SiteMap Editor which I used to customise the entity:

A screengrab of XRMtoolbox SiteMap editor function 

About the author:

Pourush is a technical developer at SeeLogic. He is an engineer and is passionate about technology. Based in the Kathmandu office of SeeLogic, he has a background in C# and loves doing new things. He has a predilection for football and spends his most of free time playing it. He supports Barcelona football club and is a huge fan of Lionel Messi and Neymar Junior. He is also an adventurous guy and loves listening music. For more detail on specific XRMToolBox applications to follow shortly.

To utalise XRMToolBox for yourself, you can visit http://www.xrmtoolbox.com/ and download software for free, although making a small donation is to be commended.

If you are looking for support with delivering a CRM project, please contact us to find out our range of services and solutions.


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