Spring is that time of year when Salesforce announces exciting new enhancements to their industry-leading intelligence suite. From, Einstein opportunity scoring and Einstein voice assistant to Einstein analytics; these new AI-powered enhancements will help your users focus on the activities that will drive real business outcomes. For most customers, this release has been available from February 17, 2020.

To help you get prepared for the Spring ‘20 Release, we have highlighted 6 major features that stand out:

1. Close more deals & increase conversion rate with “Einstein Opportunity Scoring”

AI capabilities such as Einstein Opportunity Scoring, helps salespeople prioritise opportunities and flag “at-risk” opportunities, so they can focus on the right deals. With Einstein Scoring, each opportunity is given a score – from 1 to 99 – showing the likelihood that an opportunity will be won or lost. This means that you can now use historical data & machine learning to provide more accurate than ever sales forecasting.

This powerful enhancement will level-up your sales game allowing your sales team to prioritise hot leads that are more likely to convert. As factors affecting the lead are displayed on each record, your sales team can quickly prepare for a call with every lead. It’s like giving each sales rep a personal data scientist to increase conversion rates!

Salesforce Spring 2020 Einstein Scoring
Einstein Scoring

2. Einstein Voice: Get things done more efficiently with voice-command

One of the most interesting features to look forward to this Spring is the Einstein Voice Assistant. It’s an Alexa-like feature which allows your team to interact better with the system and make updates such as logging events, notes, follow-up tasks, creating contacts and opportunities just using their voice!

For example, creating new contacts is as simple as saying “Create a Contact by the name John Doe” as the assistant performs the desired action.  

If it’s difficult getting your team to use the CRM, this technology can do the trick. It’s a win for everyone – your sales team can get more stuff done on-the-go – and management is happy having visibility into what’s happening on the field.

Salesforce Spring 2020 Einstein Voice
 Einstein Voice Assistant 

3. Create smart, contextual conversations with AI-powered Einstein bots

Einstein’s intelligent bots can handle basic conversations as your customer service team focuses on more complex issues. With a feature called “Conditional messaging”, the chatbots can derive meaning from the context and deliver personalised responses to your customers.   

 What’s interesting here is that the chatbots can add further context to the conversation by analysing historical interactions (if any) with the customer. Based on this analysis, it can take meaningful actions to help the customer with their issues/queries.

Salesforce Spring 2020 Einstein bots
AI-powered Einstein bots

4. Create attractive, customisable reports that give meaningful results 

Is standard reporting getting boring and tedious? Are reports getting cluttered with insignificant metrics? The new design analytics templates give you the option to create your own style of reports – a design analytics app with customisable dashboards, charts, and widgets. The benefit? You decide what you want to see in your reports in the way you want to!

Additional advantage of having customisable reporting is, different report can be generated for different roles. For instance, a marketing executive might want to study consumer behaviour, whereas a sales manager might want to see the top deals.

Likewise, along with an easy-on-the-eyes look, you can customise your reports to get rid of unnecessary data so that the focus is on getting real benefits.

Salesforce Spring 2020 Attractive, Customised Reports
Attractive, Customised Reports

5. Drive decisions, performance, and revenue with impeccable insights from Salesforce Einstein Analytics

According to NBRI, 61% of business executives with an innovation strategy say they are using AI to identify opportunities in data that would otherwise be missed.

One problem with having too much data can be not knowing what to do next. Too much information can get overwhelming; using the AI capabilities of Einstein Analytics can help you identify the right trends to get predictive insights. While traditional reporting tools generate volumes of metrics, Salesforce’s Einstein accelerates your decision-making process by bringing true AI capabilities into play.

You get crucial insights on customer satisfaction level, revenue generated, efficiency of sales process, and more. More importantly, you can minimise any potential risks by identifying areas that need attention.

Einstein Analytics
Einstein Analytics

6. Avoid user adoption issues: help your team realise full benefits of the system

According to CSO Insights, “Less than 40% of CRM customers have end-user adoption rates above 90%” 

CRM success requires focus on people, not just on technology. Even though you have the best system in place, your team might be reluctant to use all the features. Ensuring maximum user-adoption can be a challenge; it’s important to know how your team members interact with the system and what complications they face. The “Einstein Analytics Adoption” ultimately helps your team realise its full benefits.

Because tracking individual data can raise privacy concerns, it’s advisable to have a discussion within the company and have full consent of your employees before implementing this feature.

Salesforce Spring 2020 Adoption Analytics
User Adoption Analytics

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Author: Barsha Shrestha, Senior Marketing Executive at SeeLogic Ltd. 

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