Best of what’s new and planned for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2022 second release

August 25, 2022

D365 Human Resources will also come with a range of new and improved features as announced in the Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources 2022 release wave 2 plan. Much like the rest of the D365 applications, these enhanced capabilities seek to ease out many of the business processes related to HR.

So far, the plan includes feature rollouts that will improve efficiency by eliminating manual decision-making and repetitive tasks and allowing HR personnel to tailor experiences and automate processes. Managers, as well as employees, should be able to benefit from improved efficiency once these features become available.

Moreover, business partners can also expect a better experience across all D365 applications, thanks to the integration of employee skills and compensation, push notifications outside of the application for process and task updates and floating information to resource managers in D365 Project Operations.

While there are several other important feature updates planned out in the second release of D365 Human Resources, the key ones pertaining to integrations and extensibility, along with leave and absence management, should excite all D365 partners and users. These features will enable and streamline new custom integrations through Dataverse and other D365 applications and will roll out between October 2022 and March 2023.

1. Enable resource management integrations

Resourcing projects requires pulling together key employee data like skills, experience, compensation, time and more. This new feature will make this process more effective by creating a comprehensive employee database in D365 Human Resources for effortless resource management.

With this integration, you will be able to view accurate information when it comes to employee availability, cost, and absence so that managers can proactively anticipate resource gaps and make necessary reallocations. It will also enable precise financial tracking and recording of all billable resources required or used for a project.

General Availability: March 2023

2. Integrate training data from learning management providers

Keeping in line with the plans for improving user experience, D365 Human Resources will soon provide a single view of all training data through integrations with partner-learning systems right next to the employee data. You will then be able to assign, deliver, and track employee training using a wide range of partner-learning systems effortlessly and accurately.

What’s more, using scenario-specific APIs based on Dataverse, you will also be able to assign end-to-end employee training to your employees, and float the competency data back to D365 Human Resources for centralised training and skills data of all employees.

General Availability: March 2023

Dynamics 365 HR Wave 2 Release 2022- LMS Integration plan

3. Create employee profile with Microsoft Viva integration

Often, companies struggle to manage and maintain unified employee profiles. When there are multiple businesses within a company, it becomes even more difficult, particularly if there are employees that perform cross-company functions. This is where this new D365 HR feature will come in handy. It helps create a consistent employee profile across the business by providing a single place for your HR to maintain this information.

The functionality will not only streamline your HR processes but also integrate employee profiles with Microsoft Viva to give employees a cohesive experience while also simplifying their data footprint.

General Availability: March 2023

4. Configure, track compliant employee time and attendance

Meeting labour law and regulatory compliance has always been one of the critical aspects of HR management. To help HR personnel configure how and when time entries are made and track employee hours, D365 HR will soon make this new feature available.

What it does besides configuring and tracking employee time is record attendance and define rules for time entries for regular, overtime and holiday shifts for the employees. Along with that, it also allows them to enter compliant timesheets for managerial approval and provides them access to their leave data during time entry.

General Availability: NA

5. Manage employee sick leave

Effortless and efficient management of employee sick leave will now be possible, thanks to this D365 HR sick leave management feature.

It will include useful capabilities like open-ended sick leave requests, return-to-work notices, sick leave reporting and management and approval of sick leave requests to help your HR personnel effectively manage employee sick leaves and meet organisational and larger regulatory policies.

General Availability: January 2023

Dynamics 365 HR Wave 2 Release 2022- open ended sickness leave plan

6. Complete HR business processes more efficiently

With this functionality, your HR personnel will never have to struggle with missing information during routine HR processes like hiring, onboarding, and training. You will be able to empower your HR managers to tailor employee experiences as well as automatically execute processes like setting defaults for hiring, assigning guides based on job or position, and enrolling employees in compensation, benefits, and leave plans based on predefined criteria.

Additionally, you will also enhance the experience for your HR managers by providing them with more efficient processes when dealing with employee information and streamlining and automating many HR business processes.

General Availability: March 2023

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