Microsoft Inspire this year was a blast! Particularly for the partners who are keen on leveraging the latest Microsoft developments that are AI-driven.  

But are you wondering, as a customer, how these partner-focused Microsoft Inspire announcements are going to trickle down to you? Are you keen on supercharging your business processes and ensuring desired outcomes using Microsoft’s latest innovations in AI

Let us explain! 


1. AI in Government: Enabling Governments to Solve Their Biggest Challenges 

At Microsoft Inspire 2023, the teach giant also announced that it will explore more opportunities when it comes to AI in government and help public sector organisations can embrace it.  

Microsoft already provides cloud solutions based on Azure which are pre-built for specific government needs of today but also flexible enough to adapt to the uncertainties in the future. Now, Microsoft is going to develop and integrate AI into these government platforms so that partners can better cater to each public sector customer’s unique needs. 

The AI for government will enable public sector agencies to better address the changing preferences and needs of their constituents, improve workflows, leverage data insights, and facilitate cross agency collaboration. Using AI, the complex processes related to compliance and cybersecurity will also become seamless so that the government customers can easily operate at scale. 

Microsoft is focused on driving success for its government customers with AI and analytics, particularly its generative AI services, that are designed to drive unique mission outcomes of governments. 


2. AI in Healthcare: Expediting Quality and Data-Driven Healthcare  

While AI is enabling organisations to not only drive value faster, but they are also helping reshape the future of every industry. The Healthcare sector is no exception. 

AI is going to play a critical role in addressing some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, which involve delivering exceptional patient experiences and accelerating data driven decision-making. AI will also improve preventive and diagnostic care, enhance collaboration and support healthcare workforces to provide better care. 

That is why, at Microsoft Inspire 2023, the tech giant renewed its focus on powering its Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare with the latest generative AI. While it already provides a cloud environment that is AI-ready, the recent availability and development of AI tools, like Copilot for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 apps, means every industry can take a massive leap with AI, including healthcare. 

How exactly? You may ask. Well, the scope of AI in healthcare is huge. From improving operational efficiency to transforming experiences and personalised care, the AI can be a game changer for healthcare organisations.  

Besides these benefits, the AI-powered healthcare solutions that are pre-built and based on cloud can elevate the quality of diagnosis, improve preventive care, aid in community health and disease management, and even help in medicine development. 

This way, healthcare organisations can transform the way they work and its impact across the value chain.  

3. Empowering Sellers and Customer Service Agents with AI-Powered Copilot 

Microsoft also took the opportunity to introduce the enhanced Copilot for its Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service apps. 

Although announced back in February 2023, the new Copilot features include AI-generated opportunity summary, contextualised email drafts, and meeting preparations.  


The Sales Copilot can integrate seamlessly with your customer relationship management systems, like Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, and Customer Insights, to automate tasks and provide real-time insights. But that’s not all, it also generates AI-assisted content and suggestions to help your sellers and customer service agents personalise customer interactions and experiences. 

Along with that, you can also use Copilot to build bespoke chatbots for your customer service departments. These chatbots can be trained in no time and can access internal or external knowledge repositories, customer service system data, and web to enable sellers and agents close more deals in less time. 

How does this help you as a Microsoft customer? You can not only transform both seller and customer experiences, but also leverage the AI to continuously improve your customer-facing processes with AI-driven decisions. 

4. Microsoft Security Copilot Early Access Program 

Did you know that the number of password attacks has more than tripled since last year? According to Microsoft such attacks have increased from 1,287 per second to more than 4000.  

Likewise, the total losses from cyberattacks spiked from USD 6.9 billion in 2021 to more than USD10.2 billion in 2022 based on the FBI’s 2022 Internet Crime Report. That was in the US alone. When it comes to the UK, a recent report by IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index shows that the UK accounted for 43% of attacks observed in Europe over the past 12 months. Globally, cyberattacks cost firms a lot more, particularly those that operate with weak security cloud frameworks or rely on legacy systems full of gaps. 

To build a robust and adaptable security infrastructure, Microsoft wants to equip customers with AI-assisted end-to-end security solutions. And that starts with the Microsoft Security Copilot Early Access Program that’s coming soon this fall. Announced in March 2023, Microsoft Security Copilot will be first available for customers using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. What’s more, it will work with both Microsoft and third-party solutions. 

Security Copilot is important as it empowers you to detect hidden vulnerabilities and toughed defences, allowing you to respond to incidents faster with generative AI. From simplifying the complex security protocols to catching what others miss, this AI-powered tool will do everything at machine speed to defend your system at scale. Whether it’s incident response, threat hunting or security reporting, you can fully rely on Security Copilot. Its AI will even address any talent gap you may have by enabling your existing team to work more efficiently while also building their skills.  

5. Introducing the new Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program 


Microsoft also announced a series of AI offerings to help partners enable their customers adopt the technology embrace the new era of AI. Dubbed the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, it provides partners with support and resources they need to deliver AI technologies and solutions to the customers at speed and scale.  

The program offers: 

  • Access to Microsoft’s AI expertise to build and implement AI solutions. 
  • Marketing and sales support to market and sell those solutions. 
  • Financial incentives for partners. 

Additionally, Microsoft also started several initiatives to help partners build customer and industry specific AI solutions. These initiatives include: 

  • The AI for Business Toolkit 
  • The AI Partner Community  
  • The AI Partner Academy  

What’s Next? 

Understanding all that Microsoft offered at this year’s Inspire and putting them into practice can be tricky! That why we’re here. Dogma has solution experts for all Microsoft business solutions that are trusted advisors to over 600 companies globally. We not only implement solutions for you but also advice you the best ways to embrace the latest technology innovations, including the AI. Get in touch with us, if you need assistance implementing all the latest AI updates and improvements announced at Microsoft Inspire 2023. 


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