Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Do you want to make your manufacturing business digital-first, smart and data-driven?

Looking to leverage technology enablers such as big data, IoT, and AI-powered ERP systems to revitalize your manufacturing?

As the world strides towards Industry 4.0, manufacturers are constantly on edge to stay updated with the latest market trends, meet the demand for new products speedily, and deliver faster and better. Fortunately, we have cloud technology to rescue and meet these changing competitive demands!

Cloud ERPs such as Dynamics 365 Business Central revolutionise the present manufacturing industry. From automating production to enhancing the buyer’s experience and sustaining the supply chains, here are 5 ways cloud-based ERP is transforming the manufacturing industry.


Circumventing Manufacturing Challenges with Dynamics 365 Business Central: 5 Effective Ways


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive, cloud-based, scalable, and AI-enabled ERP solution. It enables manufacturing operations to improve throughput, quality, and uptime, while reducing costs, and improving customer expectations proactively!

A Total Economic Impact ™ study by Forrester reported an increase of ROI (return on investment) by 162% for businesses that migrated to Dynamics 365 Business Central!

With Business Central for manufacturing business, you will be able to:

  • Optimise your supply chain operations and lead an efficient manufacturing process, with accurate forecasting and decreased inventory costs
  • Streamline workflows into one continuous process rather than managing different parts of a manufacturing line separately
  • Manage upcoming product demand and track inventory to match that demand
  • Make smarter decisions using enhanced AI-enabled insights

Business Central Features and Capabilities for Manufacturing



Let’s dive deep to find out all the benefits of integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing industries.

1. Stay in charge of your inventory

Is inventory tracking always inconsistent, and manual? Do you have to go across various programming and accounting pages, making the same tedious, repetitive, and erroneous? With D365 Business Central, manufacturers can take a breather! This cloud-based robust ERP helps you to set up stock items and specify properties such as unit of measure, costing method, inventory posting group, and unit cost and price, making inventory management easy as a pie!


You can post item transactions, such as sales, purchase, and negative and positive adjustments from item journals, store quantity and cost records of posted transactions in the inventory ledger and use it as the basis for valuation and other costing calculations. Since you have real-time insights on your stock, you can schedule your orders accordingly, and even automate them.


2. Better Manage Production Orders

With Business Central for your manufacturing business, you get one-click access to all the aspects of your order – inventory, workforce, customer service, installation, production orders — all vital to your business.


You can create production orders, forecast consumption against the manufacturing data, and calculate your net requirements depending on the production orders you have received. Get the visibility and tools for manually forecasting demand from sales lines and placing supply orders, meaning the production reporting in BC offers manufacturers the insights and statistics about current and past production activities to:

  • Plan future manufacturing
  • Control current manufacturing
  • Track the finished manufacturing

3. Meet market demands with Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting allows you to create “what if” scenarios and also create plans to meet the trending market demand, cost-effectively.


You can enter this forecast into the system in ‘daily’, ‘monthly’, or ‘quarterly format’ and better manage demand forecasting based on items. Users can create production and procurement orders that take into account demand forecasts, inventory levels, and plan future requirements.


4. Streamline operations and reduce costs

Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you streamline and integrate all manufacturing management processes, meaning you can view everything and make intelligent decisions accordingly via one consolidated platform. With features like BOMs (Bills of Materials), you can have precise information on every item that you need to create a certain product, which helps to calculate the standard costs and increase your manufacturing efficiency.


You can monitor the data on how the raw materials of a finished good impact the cost of the final item as they change over time, reduce raw material inventory, close periods and production run preparation time. All in all, manufacturers can significantly reduce operating costs by replacing highly disparate systems with this single unified platform.


5. Organised warehouse and shipments

Do you have issues managing your stock, warehouse movements or dispatch? Under pressure from customers to ship to ever-sooner deadlines – and struggling to hit your On-time, In-Full (OTIF) targets as a result?

D365 Business Central has a host of features designed to help you efficiently run your warehouse. For instance, you can streamline receiving and storage, get recommendations on where to move items to optimize your space and picking process, and use real-time data to better fulfill your customer’s orders.


Employees on the floor can use the same data to easily manage shipments to customers via third-party distribution partners, such as DPD and FedEx or your own transport. See all customer tracking information in one place without having to constantly switch between applications!


Take the Next Step!

Ready to digitise your manufacturing business? It’s time to move to D365 Business Central, which we can do for you in 3 weeks! It can be fitted to your priorities – you can set and drive the agenda and priorities. Or try our Business Central price calculator to estimate the cost of implementation for your company.


Our Dynamics 365 Business Central Quick-start Implementation Packages includes:

Migrate from Existing ERP: Start From £10,000 In under 3 Weeks

From Scratch: Start From £5,000 Within 1 Week

Offerings: Save up to £5,000! on Business Central implementation. Get selected apps FREE for 1 whole year!*


To take advantage of this opportunity, contact us today at +44 01296 328 689 or info@dogmagroup.co.uk and we will get it done for you.



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