Starting a New Business? Get Up and Running with Cutting-Edge ERP

May 21, 2020

Are you considering bootstrapping a startup soon? Some of your biggest hurdles may be: 

  • Chasing every sales and income opportunity 
  • Tracking every pound; every expense, the bank balance, the cash flow 
  • Working quickly and efficiently but also planning for growth 

Often at the beginning, you’ll be investing in at least half-a-dozen tools to help you for emails, accounting, documentation, spreadsheets, and customer management.

But Dynamics 365 Business Central for your startup can give you all the above in a single solution and so minimise effort and cost.

It’s more convenient than you’d imagine – we can get you started with Business Central for startups in under a week, with only 24 hours of your involvement and at an affordable cost, payable across 12 months!

Why choose Business Central for your startup?

1. Get up and running quickly and confidently

You likely have a small team, with limited to no IT resources – so there may be a concern about your involvement and dedication in the whole process. But we’ve got you covered – we do the hard work so you can focus on growing your business smoothly. 

At Dogma Group, we have streamlined the implementation process for your startup, with dedicated experts to get you up and running with Business Central for your startup in as little time as possible.  

Even after the implementation, one of your team members can easily handle Business Central using tons of collateral that Microsoft has made available. 

2. Its hosted in the cloud: cost-effective, secure & hassle-free

Business Central is cloud-based so will save on setup costs and IT resources. Key when minimising costs is important.

Using Business Central for your startup also mitigates any security concerns for your data. Your data is safely and securely hosted in Microsoft’s world-class cloud.

3. Your budget, your decision: scale Business Central for your startup

Unlike older legacy systems, Dynamics 365 Business Central is adaptive to your business needs. You can scale your system up or down depending on your budget and expansion plans.

Implementation costs can be a concern. But, with our Business Central for startup quick-starter pack, we will help you get up and running in under a week and still stay on your budget!

Get an estimate of the cost of your implementation with our Business Central price calculator. Try it out!

4. Accelerate growth and transform your processes with advanced AI capabilities

AI is no longer a futuristic technology – your Business Central has loads of AI features to bring agility to your business.

From sales and inventory forecasting to predicting late payments and generating sales quote directly from Outlook, you can make your system more intuitive to drive better results – all at an affordable price! 

5. Integrates seamlessly with other applications making work easier

You will have a full view of your business with data moving seamlessly across applications as Business Central integrates with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, and LinkedIn. It is part of a bigger, sophisticated Microsoft ecosystem of business applications.

Using software applications that aren’t compatible with each other will only put you at a risk of having duplicate/outdated data. You may even need to pay additional costs for future integrations. 

For example, Business Central automatically enters a purchase order received via Outlook into the system and even lets you check any outstanding payments from within Outlook. Office 365, designed to help your team collaborate more effectively, unlocks tons of data and file management possibilities when combined with Business Central. 

Get the Business Central for your Startup Pack today!

Businesses are increasingly affected by COVID-19 and new start-ups must be watchful but smart about their business decisions right from the beginning. We are offering to set up Dynamics 365 Business Central for you through our quick-start package in under £5,000 and less than a week, with payment spread across 12 months.

Interested? Get in touch with us at +44 01296 328 689 or and we will get it done for you.