“Three in four small-business owners are very concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19 and 38% aren’t confident in the financial future of their business.”National Small Business Association survey

With such an unpredictable scenario, you must be experiencing pains managing your business end-to-end:

  • risk losing customers, marketability, and revenue 
  • data scattered on-premise instead of on cloud 
  • unreliable VPN and remote access hindering productivity 
  • difficult keeping projects on track monitoring process 
  • remotely managing individuals and tasks 
  • streamlining sales, operations, finance processes and more… 

Is your company well-equipped to survive the challenges of COVID-19?

Small and medium businesses often require a combination of customisability, affordability, user-friendliness, and scalability — including the ability to add or remove features from solutions of your choice. Moving your data and operations to the cloud is a necessity and if you’ve been thinking about switching to the cloud, this is the perfect time to do it!

Equipped with the right tools and technologies, you can fight this crisis much better!  

1. Cloud ERP systems can be your organisation’s lifeboat in times of crisis

Are you having trouble accessing or updating your on-premises finance system? Or using VPN for remote working which disconnects frequently?

SMBs using on-premises system are furloughing staff rapidly and are even at the cusp of losing customers and revenue. It’s clearer now than never that on-premises systems aren’t reliable, and that moving to the cloud system is inevitable, as it is seamless, cost-effective, and flexible.

ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are fully cloud-based and allow you to manage your business – finances, resources, and pipelines – with a single solution.

cloud erp

Get started with our Business Central Covid-19 offer!

If you’re thinking about implementing cloud ERP, let us help you with our 6-week migration process to Business Central cloud, for a discounted price of £10k for minimal disruption, down from original £15k during this period. We can get you up and running quickly and the estimated amount of your involvement will only be 24 hrs- ensuring fast implementation.

2. Collaborate seamlessly with other cloud-based productivity tools

Get total visibility and access to all the facets of your small and medium business no matter where you are. Collaboration applications such as SharePointOffice365, , and Microsoft Teams gives departments working in silos the ability to operate in synergy. You can easily export reports in excel, share with departments via Microsoft Teams, or save it centrally in One Drive, and access it from anywhere.

Microsoft has announced a 6-month free trial of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams which our team is happy to set up for you!

3. 24/7 access to your business

Cloud ERP keeps your team up and running like a well-oiled machine. A fully integrated cloud system means your employees’ productivity is no longer dependent on a rigid schedule. Take your business on the go as your team can login to the system and have 24/7 access to data at times, they need the most!

4. Monitor your business processes from one integrated system

With a cloud ERP system, you can gain more insight and control over your processes and make informed decisions across sales, purchasing, inventory, and accounting. Manage your business from anywhere with an intuitive, consistent experience across Windows, Android, or iOS devices.

dynamics 365 erp

5. Increase financial visibility and deliver projects within budget

SMBs have an ideal opportunity of preparing for their transitions to the cloud. Cloud-based ERP system will help you minimise your project’s expense by allowing you to improve forecast accuracy, optimise supply chain, plan your expenses and send/receive invoices online.

At Dogma Group, we work with you to carefully monitor your finances and prioritise your project requirements, therefore helping you stay on your budget.

What’s Next? 

As our customers’ most trusted advisor , we will work with you to prioritise your requirements and ensure a smooth transition to cloud CRM & ERP systems.

At Dogma Group, we are offering a free health check-up and a 6-week migration process to Business Central cloud, for a discounted price of £10k to help you in this time of pandemic. Contact Us at or call us on 01296 328 689. 

Author: Barsha Shrestha, Senior Marketing Executive at SeeLogic Ltd.

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