For the 2022 Dynamics 365 first release, Dynamics 365 Customer Service packs interesting new feature enhancements and updates. It plans to simplify the admin experience with the new Customer Service admin center application, improve the case grid, enable agents to multitask and enhance the email template experience, create an AI-generated conversation summary in Microsoft Teams and more!

The release notes are quite long and extensive but as your trusted advisors, we have quickly summarised our rundown to the top 5 unmissable feature updates for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

1. Customer Service Admin Center App for Simplified Administration

This year’s release brings the all-new Customer Service admin center application that consolidates and simplifies the admin experiences across the Customer Service suite, i.e., Customer Service Hub, Omnichannel admin center, and app profile manager.

Omnichannel for Customer Service

Now admins can use this app to set up everything under the customer service domain, such as defining parent-child case hierarchy, creating queues, channels, rules for automatic case creation, service-level agreements (SLAs), entitlements, and customer service schedules. Major key capabilities of the Customer Service admin center app consist of:

  • Re-organized site map that’s task oriented.
  • Overview pages for each area that list at-a-glance information with deep links to manage features.
  • Landing pages per feature with an overview of all the capabilities.
  • The site map adapts to the capabilities that are provisioned. Based on core Customer service, additional features are automatically available if Omnichannel for Customer Service is provisioned.

2. Better UI and enhanced productivity with color coded case grids

Another feature enhancement that best serves customer service agents in terms of user experience is color-coded case grids. Agents will have the ability to view color-coded columns such as priority, icons for the origin channel, and fun avatars for the customers and assigned agents. This functionality is in public preview only.

dynamics 365 customer service 2022 release


3. Better email template experience to level up your customer service

This improved feature will enable agents to have a:

  • New template gallery with numerous views and search possibilities based on title, subject, and content in the new insert template experience.
  • Customisable set of filters which can be saved as a new query that users can use to select templates in the future.

4. Teams embedded with AI-generated text summariser  for contextual collaboration

Teams integration has been one of the significant feature updates for our agents since it offers best-in-class business process automation, collaboration, and communication. But now, with the AI-powered conversation summary sets, agents can easily get the auto-generated conversation summary of the clients without having to go through the lengthy conversation transcripts or manually write the summary!

AI-generated text

What’s more?

  • Agents can use auto-generated summaries to explain the context of their service conversations
  • A structure in a summary format that offers information on the customer’s problem and any remedies that the agent tried
  • Edit the auto-generated summary

Other enhancement includes getting suggested contacts when the agents work on active cases through multiple channels, including messenger, live chat, and voice.

5. New Dynamics 365 Customer Service Community to create an engaging community

In the last release, Microsoft declared the preview release of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Community, a new application that offers moderators and community managers the vital tools to welcome clients’ queries and ideas.

With this enhancement, the moderators can quickly respond to feedback on products and services, deepening the client’s trust. This feature is now live and active, as managers can now make and oversee discussion forums, moderate content, and close the feedback loop.

New Dynamics 365 Customer Service Community to create an engaging community

Moreover, with the Modern Community portal template, organisations can also pitch in the out-of-the-box delightful experiences for customers to post suggestions in community forums and collaborate to shape the future of products they use by upvoting, commenting, sharing, and flagging ideas posted in the community.


Microsoft Communities

With these two capabilities, organisations can build vibrant communities and ensure that their investment decisions are informed by customer demand. The Community app will be Generally Available in April.

What’s Next?

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