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It is purpose-built marketing app under Dynamics 365 to provide all tools need to execute successful marketing campaigns across several channels. It features tools that can be used out-of-the-box to create and deliver campaigns across various channels and comes loaded with high-end templates that can be extensively customized using a simple drag-and-drop interface. As part of Dynamics 365 family and using same Common Data Model to store and share data with other apps, Dynamics 365 for Marketing benefits from being tightly integrated with other branches of the Dynamics CRM system such as Sales and Customer Service. Hence sales and marketing can collaborate more effectively. 

Dynamics 365 for Marketing features a lot of intensive tools, and depth tracking of customer journeys, making it more powerful and complex. Therefore, it isn’t best suited for small business since they can’t have the resources as well as fully utilize its capabilities. For mid-sized or large organizations who are willing to invest little more on marketing strategies, it is a great toolkit. Its generally more suited to business to business marketing. 

Dynamics 365 for Marketing features 

Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes a bundle of apps and solutions which support marketing departments and coordinate with sales. The core Marketing features which makes it unique includes email marketing, customer journeys, behavior tracking, lead scoring, marketing pages and more. 

  • Customer journey creation: 

Before creating campaigns and generate leads, users need to figure out the customer journey. This app features a drag-and-drop customer journey builder, where users can create unlimited numbers of custom workflows, assigned to specific segments of contacts. Each stage in the journey can be automated to execute a step like sending emails. 

  • Event Management: 

This feature really sets apart Dynamics 365 for Marketing from other tools. It offers value to existing and prospective customers by organizing and promoting webinar events, event schedule, speaker management, registrations and tracking. There’s portal management system through which companies can create a branded event portal for attendees to manage their profile, attendance and more important information. 

  • Voice of Customer: 

This is a feature allows users to create and send surveys to customers in order to obtain relevant feedback. With this tool users can know how customers feel and may adjust and adapt to the changing environment since market is always changing. 

  • Lead Management: 

The end goal of all marketing campaigns is to generate leads. Dynamics 365 for Marketing contains intuitive lead management tools to help track, score and nurture leads more effectively. The app uses an automated lead-scoring system to qualify leads at every stage of the customer journey based on predetermined rules, such as email engagement, website visits and event registration, so business can rate leads based on criteria that is valuable to them. The scoring system assign grades to the leads and help salespeople to focus on the most lucrative areas. Then there is Lead dashboard to get an overview of lead based on parameters including lead age, interactions and so on. 

  • Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: 

LinkedIn has revolutionized professional networking just as Facebook has done in social networking. In case of Dynamics Marketing app, users can automatically sync up leads captured on LinkedIn from multiple accounts, score them, and funnel them either into Marketing segment, or straight through to the sales team. 

  • Dynamics 365 Portals: 

Customer portals can be set up to help event attendees get the most out of an organization’s events. Customer engagement content and online surveys can also be managed through the tool. The app also integrates with Voice of Customer survey platform, that enables users to create, distribute and analyze customer surveys. 

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