This year’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing focuses on moment-based marketing, AI and data for personalised interactions and collaboration features to create more compelling marketing campaigns.

With growing interactions and engagement in the digital channel, we can turn a tremendous amount of data into actionable insights. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing recognises the significance of data best. Hence, in the 2022 first release, the module has worked on features that will help you effectively utilise the full power of your data and out-of-the-box AI insight to thrive in the digitally competitive time.

We’ve compiled a list of the top six noteworthy and functional features that will help you well-organise your business process and create an engaging customer experience.

The first wave of the 2022 release will run from April to September, with regional deployments starting on April 2.

1. Personalise interactions with a ‘unified view’ of customer activity

Get ready to make faster data-driven decisions by having access to numerous insights from the same page!

With this new update in Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can understand customer behaviour quickly and create personalised messages for each customer efficiently. With this update, you can now access all of your Dynamics 365 Marketing interactions in the unified activity timeline under your contacts, alongside the insights of Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

This is one of the highly demanded features in the Marketing module, which allows you to preview your email content within the timeline view.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing release 2022

2. Craft content aligning with your customers’ interests with easy-to-use no-code experiences

According to a report, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalised experiences.

With this new enhancement in the Dynamics 365 Marketing module, you can Personalise sections of content and images to a specific segment or attribute based on the user’s behaviour, preferences, and interest.

It’s not that accomplishing this goal was impossible before, but it did necessitate writing code, making it a difficult chore for marketers. Now, with the new conditional content experience, marketers can easily create messages targeted at specific segments or attributes, bringing personalised content to each customer without the use of code.

dynamics 365 marketing module

3. Personalise engagement using comprehensive Customer Insights from Azure Data Lake

Data analytics is essential in digital marketing, whether to improve consumer loyalty and engagement or make price decisions. This functionality will allow you to target customers based on real-time event-triggered customer journeys and deeply personalise your engagement using comprehensive Customer Insights data.

Aside from conventional Customer insights connected to Microsoft Dataverse, you can now use Azure Data Lake Storage data to build segments and personalised messages to create rich, real-time journeys while maintaining complete control over the data.

For example, consumer journey orchestration understands customer conversations and journeys across all contacts and organisational silos, then apply a real-time, personalised approach to each customer to offer them an outstanding customer experience.

4. Level up your collaboration through built-in Microsoft Teams chat

The best marketing content and journeys are the result of a collaborative effort and this functionality will enable your team to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing has improved the capability that allows you to communicate with your team via Microsoft Teams chat without having to leave the journey canvas or email editing experience. For example, as you create an email, you can tag someone to review your content.

This function allows you to track feedback over time and refer to comments made by others.

You can use all Teams chat capabilities from within Dynamics 365 Marketing with this functionality and simply add and remove people from the chat and propose people to add to the conversation.


5. Create real-time connection with action-oriented customer journeys

Consumer identification has progressed to the point that simple customer persona research is no longer sufficient. Being forceful is a poor idea but reminding clients when they need to be notified helps.

Through this functionality which enhances moment-based marketing, you can design more action-oriented customer journeys by reminding customers to complete a call to action with the new feature. Moment based marketing is the ability to leverage ongoing events and create communications and marketing collaterals. Brands integrate themselves into ongoing conversations and make their marketing more relevant.

For example, the first step in an abandoned shopping cart journey starts when a customer adds things to the cart. Then, the journey can use the feature to remind them to check out and send them various messages, including special offers, until they do so.

dynamics 365 marketing module

6. Interact actively with customers by taking action on SMS replies 

 Being able to respond to the incoming SMS messages of customers as a part of real-time marketing customer journey is another worthwhile marketing tool. 

With this update, you can personalise the experience of the customers by creating custom keywords like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to continue conversation while doing SMS replies.

dynamics 365 marketing module

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Want to get more insights on the key enhancements across the different modules? Check out our blog: Highlights from the 2022 First Release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform.

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