What’s Exciting in the Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2022 Second Release?

August 17, 2022

Microsoft’s general focus for the 2022 release wave 2 has been to improve collaboration and productivity. The same holds true for the Customer Service module too. With the updates, the module will strongly focus on optimising agent allocation and routing through AI models and rules as well as real-time workload monitoring. Deeper integration with Microsoft Teams will also further improve organisation-wide collaboration and communication, especially for case-handling.

Below, we highlight some of the major enhancements announced, and how they will add value to your business. All the enhancement and feature will be released from October 2022 to March 2023.

1. Optimise agent allocation with real-time support operations data

Keeping service levels high is a difficult juggle work. Contact centre managers need to consider their fluctuating volume of customer interactions, varying call lengths and agent absentees in real time to best allocate agents for the incoming work. Managers need real-time information to make immediate decision so as to maintain top-notch support and boost customer satisfaction.

With the new feature, D365 Customer Service provides managers all the necessary information in their workload monitoring dashboard in real time. Key performance indicators, such as average handle time and queue lengths, will be disseminated across chat, digital messaging and voice channels as well. Similarly, real-time agent insights dashboard will present agent metrics such as capacity, presence status and current tasks.

Public preview: Oct 2022

2. Make use of case swarming in Teams for complex issues

Complex customer cases can sometimes call for wider collaboration. With a new enhancement, agents can now bring in expert team members from rest of the organisation to quickly solve issues. Create swarms so that others can join in from their Customer Service workspace or, more crucially, directly from Teams. Improved swarm creation flow ensures that you don’t lose any contextual data during the process, while the ability to create notes and tasks helps you manage the progress.

Admins will also have more flexibility on deciding the CRM users to be automatically added as participants in specific swarms. Additional CRM users can also be brought in to the swarms beyond the existing users.

Public preview: Oct 2022

case swarming in Teams

3. Route calls to agents who are idle for longest duration

Routing service requests manually can be an inefficient, error-prone and effort-intensive process. With the new release, Customer Service will now offer intelligent routing service that assign requests to the best-suited agents automatically. With the use of AI models and rules, administrators can set specific rules, such as priority and auto-skills matching, to fully automate work routing, improve productivity and eliminate manual work distribution as well as constant queue supervision.

As a part of these new automation enhancements, admins will be able to route incoming phone calls to agents with the longest idle time with a simple configuration in their voice queues. This will reduce customer wait-time, thus improving customer satisfaction, while also ensuring better agent engagement alongside equitable rest time for agents between calls.

Public preview: Oct 2022

longest idle routing

4. Boost customer satisfaction with preferred agent routing

Pairing a customer with an agent that they have previously interacted is a sure-fire method of enriching customer relationships. With the new enhancement, organisations can route customers to their familiar service agents, if available, for a hyper-personalised service. This ensures that the agent will be well aware of the customer’s journey and the customer will feel a continuity of service over time. If the preferred agent is unavailable, the administrators can also select specific assignment logic.

Public preview: Jul 2022

preferred agent routing

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