How can custom apps extend the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and separate standalone systems for payroll, timesheets, attendance, data management, reporting and so on?

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Source: Precedence Research

Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the leading ERP systems in the market that caters to small and medium-sized businesses, offering both robust ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Most successful SMBs have moved to the cloud with Business Central enabling them to swiftly adopt the ongoing digital transformation.

Technology is, however, ever-evolving. Small businesses looking to scale up and digitise their operations can get purpose-driven extensions from Business Central custom apps (built on Power Apps). This can save cost, resources, and time without the need to upgrade it every month.

Dynamics 365 Business Central and Apps

On the new Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud platform, businesses can perform custom development to some extent. But, as your most trusted advisor, we recommend not relying on it completely as with every custom development, your ERP needs to get validated; with individual migration of the customisation, turning small enhancements into big time-consuming projects.

Now, with Business Central extended apps, this can be mitigated. Custom apps make it easier to deploy extended functionality quickly and upgrade to new versions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

How can apps make ERP systems like Dynamics 365 Business Central smart?
Custom apps are extendable and ready to use when the customer needs to scale their business or add new functionality into Business Central without the headache of third-party vendors or integration issues.

Moreover, it allows you to have a personalised and integrated Business Central software that uniquely caters to your specific business needs.

Benefits of having customised apps that integrates with Business Central

1. Centralisation of Data

It is incredibly time-consuming to take data generated from your ERP (Business Central) and input it into a different program, resulting in errors and discrepancies. A custom app integration capturing data from the user end that gets automatically populated to an ERP system can streamline this process and reduce the potential for human error to occur.

One of our best-selling apps, SiriusPayroll365 helps calculate periodic payroll data and automatically creates G/L entries in D365 Business Central. This helps finance managers generate BACS- payment files within minutes, giving them an end-to-end fully automated solution.

2. ERP as a single source of truth

For large corporate groups, sharing data among different entities while maintaining disparate databases can cause silos, security issues and incompetence to make data-driven decisions. A high-performing, updated database within your ERP that can be easily managed via a simple app means you do not have to use different complex database software to access information.

Apps such as SiriusOctopus365 Master Data Management provides real-time data synchronisation with a 360-degree view across different departments. Managers can easily track what data was retrieved by which company while maintaining data transparency within the group by sharing data requests and retrieving log records.

Octopus Setup

3. Enhances organisational efficiencies and automation

A manufacturing company, for instance, requires automation in sectors like tracking sales and purchase orders, inventory management, managing staff’s work schedules and so on. Having custom apps for timesheet, payroll, sales order tracking and management will significantly reduce the manual process of finance, HR, and warehouse managers, increasing operational efficiencies across the company.

Time Sheet app for job module is one such tool that simplifies timesheet entry, as it integrates with jobs module in Dynamics 365 Business Central ensuring easy and flexible time tracking of employees. Budget App, on the other hand, enables you to track, sort, and update sales orders. You can automatically update the product quantity, invoice, and milestone dates from the app into the ERP itself.

Timesheet-App-for-BC.gif November 26, 2021 183 KB 1200 by 628 pixels Edit Image Delete permanently Alt Text Descri

Likewise, Purchase Order Approval App automates your purchase order process, tracks, and streamlines purchase processes, document invoices, helping sales managers get complete financial visibility and execute purchase transactions smoothly.

4. Facilitates data-driven decisions

The data-driven decision-making process is based on interpretation and insight, which is made possible by a quick and efficient analysis of information. Since custom apps facilitate managers (end users) to quickly collect and update the data on ERP in real-time, it helps decision-makers to visualise the information via rich dashboards from Power BI.

Consolidated Report App

Consolidated Report is our Power BI solution that integrates with Dynamics 365 to provide access to the required data across your corporate group from a common, interactive dashboard.

5. Save additional Business Central license costs from a sole vendor

As businesses start to grow, companies need to purchase additional licenses for each user to do any sort of finance and CRM data entry. However, with integrated apps, this can be avoided since you can assign specific roles for data collection via app that automatically gets populated into the business central environment.

Save additional license costs

At Dogma Group, we have worked with hundreds of diverse businesses in solving problems related to extending ERP functionalities like that of Business Central leveraging customised apps to solve any roadblock in your business.

Our expert App developers from one of our specialist businesses, SiriusApp, can keep the code up to date and compatible with Microsoft. We regularly schedule to monitor updates in minor and major releases from Microsoft. Every single line code that is being used in our apps will undergo code review by another senior developer and you really don’t have to do anything!

Having such efficient apps frees your managers from piles of administrative tasks, helping them focus on creating more strategic plans and policies culminating in overall organisational growth and success.

What’s Next?

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